Gunilla Heilborn "Merkurius"

Gunilla Heilborn "Merkurius"

Gunilla Heilborn is one of the more established choreographers in the Swedish dance field, with a stable structure, network and long term support. In this new solo she works with performer Kristiina Viiala, a dancer that have been part of most of Gunilla’s work over the last 20 years. Together they explore their very typical dry sense of humour and absurdity that is the core of their joint artistry and expression. Merkurius was a co-production between MDT and Norrlandsoperan in Umeå, where it premiered on November 11th.

About the piece:

A solo show with Kristiina Viiala by Gunilla Heilborn

– technology, entertainment and communication.

The wonderfully distant planet Mercury is said to affect our communication, our

intelligence, our technology and our social interactions. In addition, Mercury has an extra gig as the messenger of the gods and as such has the task of delivering both good and bad news. The solo show Merkurius/ Mercury with Kristiina Viiala on stage, addresses all these aspects, as well as the desire of some people to move into space.

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Gunilla Heilborn

17.11.22 - 20.11.22

MDT Stockholm, SE

supported/organized by MDT