Hygin Delimat "Beton"

Hygin Delimat "Beton"

28.06.2019, 19:30 pm

BETON // Performance & After talk
Body architects / Hygin Delimat & Martyna Lorenc (AT)

The presentation is included in Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium - Bucharest, 28.06 - 03.07.2019.
Free access.
Hygin Delimat (concept/choreography/performance)
Martyna Lorenc (choreography/performance)
Polina Stoyanova (visuals)
Ivan Shopov Balkansky / COOH (sound)
June 19 - June 29, 2019 - Residence of the artists Hygin Delimat & Martyna Lorenc (AT) // Body Architects // nominated by danceWEB Vienna, for the production of the BETON performance

June 28, 2019, 8 pm - Public presentation of BETON, within the Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium, at WASP Art Space and Production (67-93 Ion Minulescu Street)

”We are inspired by the greyscale vibe that arises in places conditioned by misinterpreted modernism. The beton blocks of flats are supposed to be the embodiment of Le Corbusier ideals. Instead, they are a relic of the era of absurdity. It is beton that constraints wishes, dreams and goals, that inhibits human interactions and provokes agression. On the other hand, beton is where urban culture becomes a form of expression and escape, a loud response of the young. We allow this unique historic substance to sink into our bodies, transforming ourselves into a broad landscape of emotions.”

Hygin Delimat is a choreographer and performer who lives and works in Austria and internationally. He is the artistic director of Body Architects, a new interdisciplinary performing arts company with dance at its core. He studied at the Anton Bruckner University (Movement Research M.A.), while his choreographic works have been produced and performed in Austria and other European countries (he has also been involved in co-productions, in different Artists-in-Residence programs). Particularly interested in interdisciplinary, Hygin works with artists from various art fields, including contemporary composition, visual arts or new media. In his artistic work as a performer, he integrates philosophical approaches to urban movement art and somatic methods.

Martyna Lorenc is a performing artist, choreographer and researcher in the fields of arts, science and social issues. Born in Poland, she is currently sharing time between Poland and Austria. She is educated in cognitive science (MA) and contemporary dance (BA) and for the last years, she has worked on developing stage performances, creating experimental works and interdisciplinary research.
Martyna’s own works root strongly in movement research and represent a search for unique corporal expressions. They tend to address socially significant aspects and are using mixed-media and unusual performing spaces.

Residency Hygin Delimat at WASP Bucharest

19.06.19 - 29.06.19

WASP Bucharest


Hygin Delimat

28.06.19 - 28.06.19

WASP Bucharest

supported/organized by 4Culture