Intimate Choreographies. Mapping a new reality

Intimate Choreographies. Mapping a new reality

„Intimate Choreographies. Mapping a new reality“ presents:

19:00 - 20:00 Beauty of the Beast - Performance with & by Anton Ovchinnikov
20:00 - 21:00 Immersive multi-channel video installation, concept & artistic direction: Andreea Capitanescu

Free entrance
Since the first days of the war, Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov has been writing and posting short poems on his personal social media account, in an attempt to remain artistically connected to the traumatic experience of forced isolation, violence, hopelessness and hope, of a trapped and captive body that continues to create a choreography of thoughts in a time that expands with the awareness of the fragility of each hour of life.
The artist's lyrics were a catalyst and a guide for the project "Intimate Choreographies. Mapping a New Reality", and on Thursday, November 3rd, we invite you to WASP - Working Art Space & Production for the final two events of the project.
The evening will start with Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov's performance "Beauty of the Beast", and afterwards the audience is invited to interact with the installation "Intimate Choreographies", which transposes the collective experience made during the public interventions from September to October.

“Beauty of the Beast” by Anton Ovchinnikov

Russian classical ballet is today one of the main products of Russian cultural export and one of the symbols of Russian art and culture outside of Russia. The performance "Beauty of the Beast" suggests looking at classical Russian ballet as an aestheticized form of violence against a person and over the body.
Today, when the Russian army destroys cities and the population of Ukraine, inhumanity and destruction become new symbols of Russia. How can this metamorphosis change the view of Russian classical ballet? Can it still be a cover for the lawlessness, anti-humanism and imperial habits of the Russian elite?
The performance is based on the poem „New Russian Ballet", which was written at the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, on March 31, 2022.

Intimate Choreographies – Immersive multi-channel video installation
From early September, select from an open call, co-authors & performers: Alisia Nină, Ciprian Chiujdea, Ciprian Mihăilă-Leotescu, Cosmin Dorian Ilie, Pedro Gafei Aurelian, Vlad Benescu, Lena Sabosia have performed 12 performative interventions in public spaces in Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu.
Erika Hera, Silvana Neda, Ioana Băiașu and Ana- Maria Luca, join them in Brasov and in Sibiu by students of the University "Lucian Blaga" of Sibiu, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Department of Theatre Arts: Agapi Andreea, Luchian Alexandra, Müller Lili, Dobre Andreea, Băiașu Ioana, Croitoru Radu, Hera Erika, Neda Silvana, Isabela Haiduc, Ioana Dima, Francesca Garbalau, Gajim Constantin, Jurj Andra.
Excerpts from the poems of the artist Anton Ovchinnikov -- translated by Raluca Rădulescu, and texts written by the participating artists simultaneously guided groups of 20 persons through an individual audio system (headphones and receiver). This way, joint choreographies were constructed, which focused on interactions and actions, with and towards those around and the public space.
The performative interventions were documented through surveillance cameras, as the project concept started from the idea that the surveillance/monitoring space can actually generate a deep emotional intimacy, which once translated into the installation, undermines the detached and uneven power structure of technology.

Intimate Choreographies. Mapping a new reality

03.11.22 - 03.11.22

WASP Bucharest (RO)

supported/organized by 4Culture