Ivo Dimchev – In Hell With Jesus

Ivo Dimchev – In Hell With Jesus

Ivo Dimchev developes his latest production "In Hell With Jesus" from January to July 2022 in Bulgaria and receives a co-production support from danceWEB / the LLB project for it.

"In Hell With Jesus" will premiere in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival on 01.08. and 03.08.2022.

In Hell With Jesus
Hell is generously open to all, and some may wonder whether they have already arrived there in their lifetime or whether there is something even bigger, hotter or colder than this world. The generally rather impetuous Bulgarian performer, singer and visual artist Ivo Dimchev (Facebook Theatre, X-On, Lili Handel) has the rare talent of managing to let heaven and hell collide with each other time and time again. Are such crashes also part of some kind of divine plan? The title of Dimchev’s new performance, In Hell with Jesus, seems to suggest so: six figures meet in a gay bar, and then a guy with a gun comes in and shoots everybody. Incidentally, the assassin meets his end as well. When everybody is on the ground, highly significant questions are projected onto the wall. And behold: one person after another experiences their resurrection. The living dead start debating the questions – for example, concerning favoured murder weapons and the most disliked part of the body. Is it possible that the Saviour himself might drop by in this grill?

Ivo Dimchev – In Hell With Jesus

01.01.22 - 31.07.22

Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by Danceweb