Karin Pauer - We Were Never One

Karin Pauer - We Were Never One

In the frame of the Creative Crossroad activity, Karin Pauer was selected by danceWEB to receive a 2 years structural support by the LLB network to work amongst others on her production "Planet Body // Perpetuum Mobile" and "We were never one".

This support includes a co-production support by danceWEB, residencies at MDT Stockholm and Workshop Foundation Budapest as well as the possibility to lead or participate in a workshop at STUK Leuven.

Karin Pauer is a vienna based performer and choreographer.
The exploration of relations, in-betweens, empathy and togetherness informs all of her works. She negotiates these notions combining embodied choreographic practices with language, visual arts and live music.
Since 2018 she is developing her performance series project ‚dances of the anthropocene‘ in which she works with a phenomenology that understands our bodies fundamentally part of the natural world and not separate from or priviledged to it.
Through this series she seeks to challenge our anthropocentric world view and focuses on developing deeply embodied practices of empathy and care. (for each other, various life forms, our ecosystem and the Planet itself.)
Additionally she is currently developing collaborative projects with visual artist and drawer Aldo Giannotti in which they explore ways of sculpting movement and social behavior through choreographic and visual means; investigate alternatives for socio-political, socio-cultural or socio- architectural relations and initiate interactions between everyone present in the situation.
During the Creative Crossroads cycle, Karin will finalize her current Soloproject ‘PLANET BODY’, in which she embodies Planet Earth; develop her next group performance with the working title ‘we were never one’ as well as develop further a drawing and movement practice together with visual artist Aldo Giannotti for collective encounters in Museum spaces.


We Were Never One at Brut Wien

„Living in a time of planetary catastrophe begins with a practice at once humble and difficult: noticing the world around us.“

Anna Tsing u. a. in „ Arts of living on a damaged planet“

Humanity is realising how much everything is tied to everything else – how much we are connected with other people and the world around us. If not before, we learned this the hard way during the pandemic. In her performance installation WE WERE NEVER ONE, choreographer Karin Pauer develops a language of the present and of mindfulness, an ‘embodied language of nowness’, translating this new state of awareness into choreography and movement.

The realisation of our overall connectedness transforms into text, embodied thoughts, hybrid objects, haunted landscapes, sounds of extinction, and encounters in the moment of movement. This creates a practice by which we can learn to perceive our damaged planetary situation. WE WERE NEVER ONE is part of Karin Pauer’s series dances of the anthropocene, which challenges and examines our anthropocentric world view while at the same time trying to devise embodied practices of empathy and care.

Artistic direction: Karin Pauer
Artistic assistance: Arttu Palmio
Performance, choreography: Anna Biczók, Arttu Palmio, Hugo Le Brigand, Karin Pauer
Objects: Maureen Kaegi
Sound Paolo: Monti/the starpillow
Light design: Sveta Schwin
Light Technique: Nicholas Langer
Costume design: Karin Pauer
Production management: mollusca productions
Special Thanks to Pauline Bouzek a.o.


Performance presentation "Planet Body // Perpetuum Mobile" at Tanzquartier Wien

„This body is fragile.“ — Karin Pauer

How is it possible to challenge and shake the anthropocentric perspective by means of empathy and care? To conduct such an experiment, Karin Pauer has chosen to embody the Earth. Starting with her own body, she searches for analogies between mankind and the planet. The perpetual movement of the Planet is juxtaposed with the body’s limitations. The performing body turns into a hard-working, fearless, tireless body. Pauer counters the notion of destruction and exploitation with a contemporary ritual. A space for contemplative rebellion emerges, filled with sound from the album Agora by Austrian electronic pioneer Christian Fennesz.

PLANET BODY is part of the series dances of the Anthropocene.


Karin Pauer - We Were Never One

08.04.22 - 14.04.22

Brut Wien, Austria


residency Karin Pauer at MDT Stockholm

29.11.21 - 12.12.21

Stockholm, SE


residency at Workshop Foundation

23.08.21 - 03.09.21

Budapest, HU


Karin Pauer – Planet Body - Perpetuum Mobile

04.06.21 - 05.06.21

Tanzquartier Wien, AT

supported/organized by MDT