Linda Blomqvist – Selma

Linda Blomqvist – Selma

MDT initially planned to present “Duende”, a new group piece by Linda Blomqvist. “Duende” includes international collaborators, and because of travel restrictions etc in 2020 they decided to postpone “Duende” to spring 2021 (when it will be a Creative Crossroads co-production and presentation) and instead show an earlier solo piece by Linda:

Selma is a friendship, a deep liaison. It is the love and togetherness between the author and the work; a relationship portrayal that shows how take part in creating each other.

Linda approaches the work as a subject. The act of investing in a work is closely related to the investment in a relationship. It goes both ways, one has to ride along and be willing to be changed and enlightened by the other. A large part of the creative process entails care and cultivation, to be present and listen at the same time as being clear with one’s own desires, needs and boundaries. How can one experience something which cannot cognitively be understood?

For a while now, Linda has been spending time with, writing to and about, danced with and for, felt and shared with Selma. All these ways of building a relationship and a communion has crystalized into a performance.

With and by: Linda Blomqvist. Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, MDT, Riksteatern, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Pianofabriek and The foundation of San Michele.

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Linda Blomqvist – Selma

30.09.20 - 01.10.20

MDT Stockholm, SE

supported/organized by MDT