Marcus Baldemar "Finally Fantastic"

Marcus Baldemar "Finally Fantastic"

Finally Fantastic is a fleshy, moving and highly visual dance performance that wants to depict a togetherness, a togetherness right up to death, and how dying can coexist with the imaginative and joyful, the erotic and intimate.

Finally Fantastic can be seen as a meeting place and a common burial ground where a collection of people of different generations do, die and are together. The work has drawn inspiration from Ruth Coker Burk’s cemetery in the US, which was established in the 80s during the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, at a time when the disease was called “the gay cancer”. The cemetery was dedicated to homosexuals who died alone and abandoned because of the stigma of the virus. Today we see loneliness as another ongoing pandemic.

MDT has previously shown Marcus Baldemar’s works GALDR (2019) and Polari Speaking Sex (2021). Just as in previous works, he takes his cue from events from history and creates a choreography that speaks to and works in the present.

We die a death we wish to die, together!

Marcus Baldemar

20.10.22 - 23.10.22

MDT Stockholm (SE)

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