Marcus Baldemar – GALDR

Marcus Baldemar – GALDR

In the pre-christian north vikings believed in many gods and practiced magic. Their practice of magic was called sejd. Depending on who you ask, a galdr was a magical song or a chant and part of the sejd. Some believe these galdrs were used in battle in order to weaken the enemies swords and lower their shields or to help a woman through childbirth. Some believe that these songs were sung in a high pitched voice because the word gala, meaning falsetto, derives from galdr. Some believe it was chanted on a low almost inaudible tone.

There are many theories about the viking’s culture, customs and general way of life, but we can know very little for sure. Christianity did, has always done, a very thorough, bloody and effective job at erasing cultures. However a general consensus among experts and researchers seem to be that practising sejd was a female profession and any non-female who practiced it was deemed ergi. Ergi can be translated to “unmanly” and “sexually shameful”.

At the same time, Odin, the all-father, the god of war and the dead but also poetry, is considered the greatest sejdare (practitioner of magic). They knows 18 powerful galdrs and they can shape shift.
Odin is the one who experiences and the experience. They is the subject and the object, the one who gives and the one who receives. They has many names: Svidur, the one who burns. Svidrir, the one who is burned. Göt, the one who ejaculates. Jalk, the castrated. Ofnir, the initiator. Sváfnir, the finisher. Tveggi, the one who is two. Triggi, the one who is three. Fjolnir, the one who is many.

“I’d rather be beautiful than male” (Marc Aguhar)

“I am the eternal seeker of wisdom
Because I’d rather be wise than male

I remain tender and soft
Because I’d rather be soft than male”

(Text from the performance, written by Marcus Baldemar, inspired by artist Marc Aguhar)

About the artists

Marcus Baldemar
Marcus Baldemar (1985) works as a dancer and choreographer. He was educated at Balettakademien Umeå (SE), SEAD in Salzburg (AUT) and finally at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels (BE). Since graduating in 2008 Marcus has worked for and collaborated with a number of artists within the international field of dance and theatre as well as the music industry. As a sole author he has previously created “Reading Rhyme – A poetry reading, an anthology and a dance performance” as well as “Love Shrine & Your Majesty – Part 1”.

Ann-Sofie Lundin/Min Stora Sorg
Ann-Sofie Lundin is originally from Gävle (SE). As a songwriter, producer and pop-artist/act she goes by the name Min Stora Sorg. Her first EP was released on the label Bengtsson&Wirfält in september 2012 and was met with great reviews. The follow up album “Mvh Anso, M$$” was released in February 2014 and took the Swedish press by storm. With her third album “BITCH LOVER CHILD MOTHER SINNER SAINT” Min Stora Sorg created a unique spot of her own within the Swedish field of music.
Besides creating music for the act Min Stora Sorg, Ann-Sofie is also a composes music for theatre and dance. She also works as an actress as well as collaborates with other musicians as a songwriter, live musician and singer.

Daniel Åkerström Steen
Daniel Åkerström Steen is a Stockholm-based set-, costume- and light designer, as well as a stylist. He was educated at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. For the past 15 years Daniel has worked at a number of theatres in Sweden and Norway. He is and was from the start a member of the creative team behind the artist Min Stora Sorg. Daniel is originally from Skellefteå in Västerbotten (SE).


Concept, idea, choreography, performance: Marcus Baldemar. Costume, set design, lights and mask: Daniel Åkerström Steen. Music: Ann-Sofie Lundin/Min Stora Sorg. Coproduction: Dans i Nord, MDT. Residencies: Kulturskolan i Kiruna, MDT, Acusticum/Dans i Nord, Northern Sustainable Futures. Thanks to Viktoria Andersson and Maryam Nikandish for helping explore and create movement material. The project is made with the support of Dans i Nord and Swedish Arts Council.

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Gallery pics © John Artur

Marcus Baldemar – GALDR

29.07.20 - 29.07.20

MDT Stockholm

supported/organized by MDT