PREAC participation for Kristina Rozman

PREAC participation for Kristina Rozman

In the frame of the Dance Hub activity, NDA Slovenia selected the performance artist Kristina Rozman to participate in the PREAC workshop of ICI-CCN Montpellier.

PREAC is part of the dynamics of the "arts and culture in schools" plan for artistic practice and the cultural approach to dance in France. Its role is to carry out coherent actions in the three aims of training, documentation and publishing. These trainings on the regional territory respond to a need for continuous training of artists and mediators on artistic and cultural education issues.

Organized around a three-year theme, PREAC is divided into a national seminar in March and regional training actions (ARF) in the fall.

Targets of Training course :

> Artists, mediators or project managers working in connection with arts and cultural education

> Trainers of trainers and resource persons from the National Education Department

About 2019-2021 Cycle: 

"To make Group" - Contemporary Rituals

In 2019,  we opened a three-year cycle around the question of contemporary rituals to think and experiment with how to "make group". Assuming that group building is the manifestation of the rite, and that common experience builds a territory, we will ask ourselves how to build a community that lasts for the duration of the experience. How the challenge of compositional architecture affects the group. What are the choreographic rituals that relate to contemporary creation, and what rituals are currently at stake in choreographic composition.

Presentation of Julie Nioche PREAC

"The challenge of this PREAC is to be "together". What rituals, what practices can we invent to dare to meet? What rituals to take the risk of feeling, exchanging words, gestures, looks, questions, laughter, energies that are beyond us? I propose to share them and experience them together through our bodies. Our bodies that carry the first impulses of power to act and emancipation. Our bodies are the source of our dreams, our bonds, our rituals and our dances. 

Three days to practice but also to participate in "forming a group" in an ephemeral and sensitive way. In our current context, what new rituals can be used to meet the unknown, to gather around powerful and valid values across borders? Can we draw geographies, imaginary gardens in which to gather around new challenges such as sensitivity, listening, sharing knowledge, joy, and protecting the fragile?"

-Julie Nioche

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Gallery © Laure Delamotte

18.03.19 - 20.03.19

Montpellier, France

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier