Parcours Co-production "In the search of the _______" by Bruno Freire

Parcours Co-production "In the search of the _______" by Bruno Freire

"In the search of the _______" is an invitation to support and facilitate a new step towards the search for the wonderful.

Such research will not end up in a single object format, and this because it plays with an endless plastic and mobile concept rejecting the idea of the origin and the original.  Mostly, to search for the wonderful that will come means to search for a formless form, to relish what is still unknown. What is the form of the unspeakable if not a form that has not yet a form?

In the search of the _______    

The picaresque memoirs of a researcher out of breath, searching for the wonderful. An artistic story structured around a rhapsody of words and aesthetics. Like in a fairy tale mixing realism with the wonderful, he switches from the excess of the Baroque to modernism, from Bas Jan Ader to Manoel de Barros, from Marx to Kafka, from Joseph Beuys to Abujamra, from Latin TV to contemporary dance, etc.

He tries to find a way to escape a state of immunisation and apathy. To create a synergy in his environment through dance, through the body. Through aesthetics and the notion of the wonderful he looks for an opportunity to make a work of art in today’s dance world. Already this word has countless meanings. It was a Greek philosophical concept; opera aesthetics known in Europe between the 17th and 18th century; as a result of a research on the wonders of the East, a wonderful baroque brought to Americas, generating a baroquism at the basis of Latin cultures; this concept initiated a literary movement characteristic of South America, etc. That researcher will venture towards and through the __________________, wholeheartedly, never to return. We can never go back. 

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for a wonderful that will only be possible today. 

Choreographic research: Bruno Freire
Collaborators: Calixto Neto and Pauline Brun
Performance: Andreia Guilhermina, Bruno Freire, Calixto Neto, Pauline Brun and Lina Gómes
Dramaturgy Consultant: Bojana Bauer
Choreography Consultants: Laurent Pichaud, Myrto Katsiki and Luis Garay
Lighting Consultant: Thierry Cabrera
Sound Design: Diane Blondeau
Saxophone: Maïa Blondeau
Costume design: Laurence Alquier + micro workshop participants
Acknowledgments: Adaline Anobile, Aria Boumpaki, Sorour Darabi, Jule Flier, Julie Gouju, Tidiani N’Diaye, Noga Golan, Patrick Haradjabu, Ingrid Myhre, Arthur Eskenazi, Pedro Prazeres and Bastien Mignot; and Manon Santkin, Thiago Alixandre, Wagner Schwartz, Tarina Quelho, Júlia Rocha

On February 9 at 20:30, Bruno Freire invites you to a journey through the CCN Montepellier that will take on several formats: a conference, audio guide and performance

Premiere Co-production

11.02.16 - 11.02.16

CCN Montpellier / Studio Bagouet


Parcours Co-production

09.02.16 - 09.02.16

CCN Montpellier / Studio Bagouet

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier