PREMIERE Co-production "transformers" by Karin Pauer

PREMIERE Co-production "transformers" by Karin Pauer

transformers is a mixed media project which examines evolution, change and transformation.

Through the means of drawing, video and life performance, it zooms into micro-events of change and transformation, which take place at all times, but remain mostly unnoticed; the invisible continuous evolution of all organic existance.

transformers examines this moment of seemingly zero movement, which holds the potentiality to imagine change on an enormous scale.

Starting point for this research on morphology and micro-organisms in relation to time and evolution, are a series of drawings by Karin Pauer.

Furthermore, Italo Calvino’s book cosmicomics, a series of highly imaginative short stories about the evolution of the universe, serves as a source of inspiration.

transformers will be visually memorable, mesmerizing, easily accessible and some kind of pop-philosophical marvel, which stimulates, affects and enthuses people and makes them become deeply contemplative all at once.

transformers will allow for flexible forms of presentation which reflect the ways in which biological organisms adapt and react to the spaces they inhibit and the circumstances surrounding them.

Possibilities range from an exhibition of the visual works with life-performance as a sculptural element of it, embedded in visual art settings, to an evening filling performance, with the incorporation of video works and a display of the drawings in a related space, in a more theatrical setting.


Karin Pauer (AT) Idea/ Performance/ Choreography/ Drawings
Arttu Palmio (FIN) Performance/ Choreography
Nicola von Leffern (DE/ AT) Video

PREMIERE Co-production

14.01.18 - 14.01.18


supported/organized by Danceweb