PSR A Moment of Exchange

PSR A Moment of Exchange

Veem House for Performance initated this dialogue format WpZimmer and workspacebrussels to exchange about current topics in the field of contemporary dance and performance.

Initally planned with performances around the discussion, the event had to be held online without any live events due to Covid-19. A panel discussion with Elke Decoker, Helga Baert, Marga Kroodsma and Selm Wenselaers as a moderator was held online on Zoom on the 30th of October 2020.


Workspacebrussels and wpZimmer, just like Veem, focus on experiment and hybrid art forms and they are also part of a metropolitan but also European network. Since December 2019, we have been conducting exploratory talks for a sustainable collaboration in the field of talent development, co-curating and sharing expertise. All three institutions are investigating what a production house, development institution or chain of partners who facilitate development can be now and in the future. How can you sustainably support independent makers in their artistic practice? What do the different makers themselves want? How do we achieve sustainable exchange?

In the run-up to and during the ten-day event in October, we will come together to talk to each other (makers and institutions). We show work by four different makers in a double bill. We show performances that reflect the functioning of the institutions and that remain urgent. From the wish to introduce the public in Amsterdam to these makers and from the idea that these makers are interested in entering into a dialogue together, also with makers from Amsterdam.


Panel discussion

During the panel discussion on the 30th of October, representatives of the various houses Elke Decoker, Helga Baert and Marga Kroodsma discussed their operation as an institution and the development networks they are setting up. We openly question whether our own views are correct: what does a contemporary production house / development institution look like? What is the role of the artist in a house? What would a residency prefer to meet? How does talent development work in network form? Conversely, what do we, as institutions, wish from the maker? How can this operation optimally match the wishes and progress of a maker? How do we support diversity?

After the conversation between the institutions had kicked off, the conversation opened upt with all participants of the meeting. In our invitation policy we focused on the makers. We invited the creators of Workspacebrussels and wpZimmer, as well as creators affiliated with them. We also invited (affiliated) makers of Veem. Development institutions and networks were also invited. The set-up is intimate, accessible and open, accessible to everyone who is interested. The only condition was that when institutions joined, they bring a maker with them.

30.10.20 - 30.10.20


supported/organized by Veem House for Performance