PSR Activating The Space

PSR Activating The Space

A research in which the usual elements we use in dance performance are put into a parallel process to the making of the performance as an independent unity and than later on as an equal choreography partner during performance. We aim to research possible formats of collaboration and share tools used in our work. Laboratory in which all participants contribute with their skills and learn from one another. Procedures, methods are rarely shared by various professions and most often seem to be produced in parallel instead of together as a shared knowledge.

A light designer, stage designer and a composer get together and start developing these three lines next to eachother.The concept is shared among co-creators,but there is an independency in the making and activating ways for these elements to be equal partners in the process and placing those simultaneously in the same room to discover the “clash” or “support” of the movement that is happening.

Light design: Saša Fistrić
Sound design: Marin Zivkovic(in collaboration with different musicians)
Set design:Hrvoje Jelinčić
Local hosts:Nomad dance academy Croatia , @Irma Unušić SHOOMA and Nives Soldičić “Prostor plus”.“

Activating the space” by Nomad Dance Academy Croatia is done through and with collaboration of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija(Wiithin Nomad Dance Academy network) as a programme line of Life Long Burning.

Public presentation on 22 July 2022

15.07.22 - 24.07.22


supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia