PSR Antisezona 21 – White Box Sessions

PSR Antisezona 21 – White Box Sessions

Dear friends of ANTISEZONA around the globe,

We are very pleased to announce the program of the first block of ANTISEZONA 21:

WHITE BOX SESSIONS, that will take place from April 22nd to 24th, in the spaces of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb!

WHITE BOX SESSIONS are emerging from the challenges of opening new artistic and communication solutions, since we are currently deprived of accessing the black box theater stage at Gorgona hall, that is still damaged after the earthquake, and waiting to be repaired.

Since the first edition of ANTISEZONA, our programming followed the direction of staying with the trouble and reacting to the unpredictability of the times in which we are creating our dances, choreographies and performances, thus the transition into digital, textual and discursive media are already part of our practice. Now, we are working in a white box situation, in the vast white space of the permanent exhibition space of the Museum (while listening to the echo of its volume and reacting to the power of its architecture). Herewith we continue our interaction (intra-action) with the primary function of the museum, which is in the meeting point between contemporary art (visual, kinetic, conceptual, film and new media) and the public.

The program brings two returning performances: Close-Ups by Silvia Marchig and Divert Collective, and How Many Cubic Centimeters Is My Body Allowed to Take by Sonja Pregrad and Studio TRAS. We are presenting the practice Obed by our guests Torvald Silver and Tehvan Ratsanik, and the brand-new program - Performative Writing Lab (emerging through the project Devil’s Advocate Writing Txtformance by Divert Collective) led by Nina Gojić and Martina Tomić. The lab invites everybody interested in working on text as an expanded choreographic practice and writing as a performative practice.

The block also brings our additional programs – Hangover Session, moderated by Dejan Srhoj, guest dance artist from Slovenia, and our hybrid improv – reflection – interview session Close Encounters of the Dance Kind, in which all the performers from this block are participating in.

We would also like to announce our new online space and OUTERFACE project, which supports the live events’ blocks and brings loads of informative and innovative content, bringing our artists, performances, themes, encounters and future projects closer to the audience.

We are looking forward to meet you in MSU and online!

22.04.21 - 24.04.21

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and online

supported/organized by Kik Melone