PSR "Antisezona - Part 2"

PSR "Antisezona - Part 2"

The last block of ANTISEZONA 20 is here – taking place at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, from 12th until 13th of December, and presenting another dance premiere, a guest performance and new edition of Close Encounters of the Dance Kind.


The premiere performance WHO CARES by Ana Kreitmeyer explores the potentiality of collectiveness in choreographic sense, treating the performance event as a choreographic organism where every element of it cares about the others, searching for utopic synergy, not by representing harmony, but in active intra-action, connection and co-existence. 

The guest performance ROB3RTA by Roberta Milevoj is a solo, deeply intimate and choreographically precise at the same time, exploring the possibilities of emotional experience as the stronghold for poetic approach toward dance materials and choreography. 

In Close Encounters of the Dance Kind, performative conversation format, dance artists and Antisezona curators Iva Nerina Sibila, Sonja Pregrad and Silvia Marchig will meet to celebrate 2020, the year of turbulences and suspended plans, bringing the memory of all the beauty we experienced together: physically, through screens or in our fantasy, staying with all the trouble and continuing to dance.  




December 12th:

19:30, Ekstenzija, Museum for Contemporary Art:
Antisezona Xtenzija: LETTERS FROM CLOSE AFAR, Dunja Crnjanski and Nina Gojić
(Epistolary performance, rejoicing of text and sound, presentation of work in progress)

20:00, Gorgona, Museum for Contemporary Art:
WHO CARES, Ana Kreitmeyer, premiere


December 13th:

Antisezona online+live: DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, Nina Gojić and Martina Tomić / DIVERT


18:00, Gorgona, Museum for Contemporary Art:
ROB3RTA, Roberta Milevoj, guest performance

19:00, Museum for Contemporary Art foyer:
Close Encounters of the Dance Kind: WHERE ARE OUR BODIES… NOW? (IN DECEMBER 2020), Silvia Marchig, Iva Nerina Sibila and Sonja Pregrad


20:00 Gorgona, Museum for Contemporary Art:
WHO CARES, Ana Kreitmeyer


Jannuary 10th2021:

Antisezona online+live: UTOPIA OF EXTENDED HERE AND NOW, Sonja Pregrad

Tickets are available at the Museum reception daily 11-19h. Entrance is free for persons with disabilities. As the number of spectators is limited due to the epidemiological situation, if you are planning to buy the ticket on the day of the performance, we recommend reserving at

ANTISEZONA – Dance in Gorgona is a space dedicated to encounters with current tendencies in Croatian contemporary dance and performance, presenting premieres, reprises, guest performances, intermedial and discursive innovative formats, audience talks and workshops and more. 

The program has been created by five renowned Croatian dance artists: Ana Kreitmeyer, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad, Iva Nerina Sibila and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

The program is financed by the City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and it is a part of Performance Situation Room / NDA Life Long Burning EU project.


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12.12.20 - 13.12.20

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

supported/organized by Kik Melone