PSR Antisezona19

PSR Antisezona19

Antisezona is  a place for exchange and analysis, and as such it consolidates the local scene and allows artists to present their work. 

ANTISEZONA 19 – Dance in Gorgona

is a collaborative project of self-organization and self-curation founded by reputable authors and producers of dance plays- Ana Kreitmeyer, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad, Iva Nerina Sibila and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović - after several years of independent joint work focused on artistic, organizational and activistic endeavours. The Museum of Contemporary Art, as Zagreb’s umbrella institution of contemporary art, is the partner of this event divided into several blocks (parts) planned and realized throughout 2019. 

As a partner of the PC TALA,ANTISEZONA 19 – Dance in Gorgonais also a partner of the NDA Performance Situation Room within the Life Long Burning EU project. This collaboration increased the visibility of the project at the international level and opened doors to new opportunities.

ANTISEZONA 19 – Dance in Gorgona is a project designed as a place for mutual support, creation of new contextual and production frameworks, and also a place where different poetics, initiatives and people meet.

Within the project, along with the premieres of performances by the above-mentioned artists, Bliski surety plesne vrste (Close encounters of the dance kind) aimed at generating and educating the audience were also an important aspect of the project.


MARCH 27-30, PART 1

March 27
Blink surety plesne vrste (Close encounters of the dance kind)
(Participants: Ana Kreitmeyer, Sonja Pregrad, ZrinkaŠimičićMihanović)
Number of spectators: 40-50

Ms Fox Invited Ms Cat For Tea–a rerun
(Kik Melone)

March 29
Bliski susreti plesne vrste (Close encounters of the dance kind)
(Participants: Silvia Marchig, Iva Nerina Sibila, ZrinkaŠimičićMihanović)
Number of spectators: 20

Tamo vani i tu unutra(Out there and here inside)– a rerun
(Authors: Ana Kreitmeyer and Sonja Pregrad)

Concert: The Sinkauz brothers
(after the performance)

March 30
Koliko smo spremni…?(How ready are we...?)–an artistic exploration

Lemia– a rerun

Cruel, cruel nature– arerun
(Multimedia cottage)

MAY 17–19, PART 2

May 17
MelonePataphysica– thepremiere
(Kik Melone)

May 18
1st performer’s gathering as a part of the "What is created" series
(Multimedia cottage)

Bliski susreti plesne vrste(Close encounters of the dance kind)
(Participants: Iva Nerina Sibila and Aleksandra Mišić)
Number of spectators: 20

Melone Pataphysica– a performance
(Kik Melone)

May 19
Melone Pataphysica– a performance
(Kik Melone)

Hangover session
(Moderator and curator: Sonja Pregrad)
Number of spectators: 20


September 25
Bliski susreti plesne vrste(Close encounters of the dance kind)
(Participants: Mila Čuljak, Silvia Marchig, OgnjenVučinić)
Number of spectators: 30

Sve četiri za jedno. Na rubu dodira i kaosa(All four for one. On the verge of touch and chaos) -a rerun
(Author: Ana Kreitmeyer)

Hangover session, moderator and curator Ana Fazekaš
Number of spectators: 30

September 27
Đavolji odvjetnik(Devil’s advocate)– the premiere

September 28
Đavolji odvjetnik(Devil’s advocate)– a performance

Što želimo? (What do we want?)–aguest performance
(Tamara Bračun and ZvonimirKvesić, pgMagija)

September 25-26
Critical parkour– discursive program for dance critics



October 26
Improspections’invitation to: Bliski susreti plesne vrste(Close encounters of the dance kind)– evening edition
(Participants: ViktoriaBubalo, Matija Ferlin, Sonja Pregrad, Josip Maršić, Zoran Medved, Silvia Marchig and Mia Zalukar)
Number of spectators: 40

October 27
Improspections:Situacija u tijelu, No more body
(Žak Valenta)

U međuvremenu (In the meantime)
(Rosalind Crisp ekscena)

October 7

(NikolinaKomljenović, BožidarŠumi, Bruno Pocheron)

Samo za danas(Only for today)
(Maja Delak)

October 8

Improspections:How to be afraid?
(Mayfield Brooks/Mary Pearson)


November 22
Podivljalo– Fourhand, the premiere
Hangover session

November 23
Cruel, cruel nature– a rerun
(Multimedia cottage)

Bella Ciao– a rerun


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27.03.19 - 31.12.19

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supported/organized by Tala Dance Center