PSR Antisezona20 Close Enocunters on the Dance Kind Oct.20

PSR Antisezona20 Close Enocunters on the Dance Kind Oct.20

The first autumn block of ANTISEZONA 20 is here – taking place at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, from 8th until 16th of October, and presenting three dance premieres and eight performances.

The theme of the block is GAZE AND IDENTITY / FIGURE AND THE MOVEMENTS OF IT’S ORIENTATION and it aims, through performances, to present different instances of choreographic thinking about materialities which stratify a figure of a dancer, as well as the insight into how these different authorial syntaxes of thinking inscribe themselves into choreographies of the body, time and space.



October 8th  

19:00 Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (performative conversation format): Silvia Marchig and guests

Close Encounters of the Dance Kind is a hybrid format of a performative interview in front of and including the audiences. It is an audience developing project, as well as an artistic challenge.

It is organized in frames of ANTISEZONA - a collaborative self-curation and self-organization project of four Croatian dance artists: Ana Kreitmeyer, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad and Iva Nerina Sibila, with their artistic organizations Divert (IMRC), Fourhanded/Četveroruka, Kik Melone and Improspekcije festival. ANTISEZONA is a whole-year project, collectively curated by the four artists. It includes premieres, guest performances and supporting programs for the audiences, such as artist talks and innovative formats of intermedial arts. It is taking place in 5 time slots of 3-4 days during the year in the spaces of Museum of the Contemporary Arts in Zagreb, as well as online, (ANTISEZONA Online + Live), especially in current situation of inability to attend public spaces live, or in greater number.

The project aims to have an innovative approach regarding communication with the contemporary dance/arts, opening up a conversation amongst artists, experts and audience. The format also aims to be on the verge of discursive and performative. It is a sort of an interview slipping into performance, using the liveness and openness of the situation to address the specific topics and questions that are concerning involved artists, as well as the specific present audience. It is also an experiment on how a documentary situation (an interview, artist talk) can slip into the performative situation and fiction, and then slip back again, playing with the boundaries between the genres. It opens a possibility for the audience to put questions or give answers and comments, and connect with the art(ists) on more porose and direct level of participation.




20:00 Silvia Marchig / Kik Melone: SOL (SALT), premiere


October 9th  

19:00 Cyborgs Dance Too (intermedial performance program) / Ana Jelušić: OH, premiere

20:00 Ana Kreitmeyer and Sonja Pregrad: FERAL, reprise


October 10th

19:00 Irena Mikec / Koreokroj: LA HUESERA, LA TRAPPERA, LA LOBA, guest performance

20:00 Silvia Marchig: SOL, repriza
21:15 Hangover Session (audience talk)


16. listopada 2020.

19:00 i 21:00 Cyborgs Dance Too / Tras studio and Sonja Pregrad: HOW MANY CUBE CENTIMETERS IS MY BODY ALLOWED TO OCCUPY, premiere and reprise


Tickets are available at the Museum reception daily 11-19h. Prices are 50 kn for one performance/70 for two (Close Encounters and Oh are included into the price of the full evening performance of the same night). Discounted tickets 40/60 kn (students, seniors, unemployed). Tickets for dance school pupils 35/50 kn. Entrance is free for persons with disabilities. As the number of spectators is limited due to the epidemiological situation, if you are planning to buy the ticket on the day of the performance, we recommend reserving at recepcija(at)


ANTISEZONA – Dance in Gorgona is a space dedicated to encounters with current tendencies in Croatian contemporary dance and performance, presenting premieres, reprises, guest performances, intermedial and discursive innovative formats, audience talks and workshops and more.

The program has been created by five renowned Croatian dance artists: Ana Kreitmeyer, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad, Iva Nerina Sibila and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

The program is financed by the City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and it is a part of Performance Situation Room / NDA Life Long Burning EU project.

08.10.20 - 16.10.20

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, HR

supported/organized by Kik Melone