PSR Antisezona21 Satellite Sessions July

PSR Antisezona21 Satellite Sessions July

The LLB partner Kik Melone is continuing their Performance Situation Room Antisezona 2021 in 3 parts from May – July.

The second block of this year's ANTI-SEASON, SATELLITE SESSIONS, opens in May, June and July 2021. It consists of works launched through space and time, distant but firmly connected by dynamic forces that attract them into orbits around each other. Still looking for ways to respond to the challenges we live and work in, we have placed the works in the conditions they need to live and in the relationships that seem to generate important themes and questions. Thus we open the ubiquitous theme of long-term collaborations: how we nurture them, how they change and how they change us over time, what kind of freedom and responsibility they bring, how they empower us. In the words of Karen Barad (quoted from the program booklet Soli):

Existence is not an individual affair. Individuals do not preexist their interactions; rather, individuals emerge through and as part of their entangled intra-relating.

In other words, we open the question of who we are now, in May 2021 after years of working together that has shaped us?

Welcome to another unconventional edition of ANTISEZONE 21!

SATURDAY, July 3, 2021

Cultural Center Grass BODY M.N.
Philip North
as part of the ANTISEASON Xtensia and I cyborgs dance program

Cultural center Travno PODIVLJALO
Ana Kreitmeyer and Sonja Pregrad

03.07.21 - 04.07.21

Zagreb, HU

supported/organized by Kik Melone