PSR Antisezona21 White Box Sessions

PSR Antisezona21 White Box Sessions

Program ANTISEZONA combines artistic and curatorial practices, and represents a focal point of contemporary dance and contemporary performance practices in Zagreb. The specificity of our approach is dance as a contextually sensitive, intermediate, inclusive, experimental and collaborative art, with special attention to communication (live and online) with the audience through conversational and interactive content. Performance Situation Room was implemented through ANTISEZONA 21 program’s activity:

Close Encounters of the Dance Kind is a hybrid format which balances between being an interview, a performance, a dialogue about methodologies of work and a private conversation. Artists, in front of an audience, transform talk about their artistic practices into short improvisational situations. Close Encounters are following the themes of ANTISEZONA’s blocks, as live events: physically in the venue, online or as a hybrid form, bringing together artists from different fields, sometimes in smaller group (2 or 3) or larger (up to 13), which usually ends up in more performative format, as a full length performance. ANTISEZONA 21 invited Iva Sveshtarova, Willy Prager, Lada Bonacci, Marina Bura, Petra Chelfi, Nina Gojić, Lana Hosni, Silvia Marchig, Ivana Pavlović, Sonja Pregrad, Tehvan Ratsanik, Iva Nerina Sibila, Torvald Silver and Martina Tomić to participate in Close Encounters of the Dance Kind activity.



OBED Torvald Silver and Tehvan Ratsanik performance, meeting

Obed deals with reserach and application of connections between breathing, movement, physicality, memory, voice, imagination, story(telling) and how these connections let a dance, choreography, dramaturgy... emerge. Obed started in 2008 as research from the interest of Torvald and Tehvan in each other's work, and then it continued until today in the formats of workshops, performances, video works, concerts and laboratories. Obed is a practice. If it comes in form of performance then it is practice also for spectators. If it comes in form of a meeting then it is a practice of a meeting for everyone at the meeting. In Zagreb Obed will take both the form of a meeting and a performance.

HOW MANY CUBE CENTIMETRES CAN MY BODY TAKE UP TRAS Studio with Sonja Pregrad performance

This work is a commission, upon the invitation of the TRAS Studio members to the choreographer Sonja Pregrad, with the interest to work with her specific approach to physicality. The work leans onto her earlier solo performances, that dealt with the objecthood of the (female) body, and takes it’s title question from there. In a gesture of perhaps paradoxical challenge to the affirmed drag performance strategy of taking up space by agency of over-performing, this work is constructed of a sequence of opportunities to witness sensuous surfaces (as used in the queer phenomenologies) that make it up – being in touch with the materials such as lipstick, lycra, another's skin, concrete floor, gendered gaze, language, light... by this the performance proposes another space of experiencing the embodiment of the performance (of gender).


We conceived of LAB as a sensual / experiential object of the archive itself, and observed how it performed, how it is choreographed. We started from the methodology of embodied processing, as we called the processes of thought placed in relation to the sense of body, space and time in which they occur, created through choreographic knowledge and experience. The three hours of LA was structured through a sequence of proposing opinions, writing, moving, placing in space, building relationships and touching, speaking and asking questions. Through them we wanted to share our own research, open space for reflections and questions of others.

Hangover sessions are structured artist-and-audience talks which follow up ANTISEZONA’s programs. Usually moderated by invited hosts: fellow artists, theoreticians or dance and theatre critics, they strive to open up a vivid, soft and inclusive atmosphere of sharing impressions and thoughts of experienced performances and other programs, oscillating from theoretical dialogues between the experts to playful sharing amongst curious and stimulated brother audience. One Hangover session was moderated by Dejan Srhoj, guest dance artist from Slovenia and the second one was moderated by Ivana Ivković, dramaturge from Zagreb.

Discussion and film projection. The film Amoroso is at the same time a pseudo documentary testimony, an attempt to hold time spent together, an analysis of a creative process and an autonomous artistic work which experiments with the choreographic process of film montage. After the projection of the film, there was a discussion with authors, Silvia Marchig and Sonja Pregrad  who were live in the museum, and pavleheildler and Sabina Mikelić who were there via Zoom platform.

Postproduction of TALA movie. In 2020, the Tala Dance Center marked 20 years of operation of the artistic organization in the field of dance performing arts. For that purpose, TALA organized several events and programs. The  program Dance Time Machine, in the process of creation, changed its working name to "Tala / Together/" (or ''Tala /za-jedno/''). It is a documentary that rounds out two decades of the organization’s artistic work. As planned, the program was realized in collaboration with Croatian artist Aleksandra Janeva Imfled who lives and works in Brussels (Belgium), and is well acquainted with the structure and the organization of TALA.


View the experience reports of Dragana Alfirevic, Gregor Kamnikar, Dejan Srhoj, Petra Chelfi, Martina Tomic, Ivana Pavlovic and Sonja Pregrad in the upper right column.

22.04.21 - 24.04.21

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and online

supported/organized by Kik Melone