PSR Antisezona22 Antirepertoire

PSR Antisezona22 Antirepertoire

ANTISEZONA is a collaborative project where the content is self-organised and self-curated, emerging out of the many years spent in independent and collective artistic, organisational and activist work. The specificity of our approach is dance as a contextually sensitive, intermediate, inclusive, experimental and collaborative art, with special attention to communication (live and online) with the audience through conversational and interactive content.



Author and director: Sonja Pregrad
Cast/performers: Ivana Bojanić, Viktoria Bubalo, Lana Hosni, Anna Javoran, Ana Mrak, Eva Priečkova, Sonja Pregrad
Music: Nika Pećarina
Costumes: Tea Kantoci


variants: or dowle \ ˈdau̇(ə)l \
now dialectal, England
: feathery or woolly down : filament

‘Dance, dance, Otherwise We’re Lost’

Pina Bausch

‘In July 1518 the inhabitants of Strasbourg (then part of the Holy Roman Empire) were struck by a sudden and seemingly uncontroled urge to dance. The hysteria began when a woman, known as Mrs. Troffea, stepped out into the street and in silence began to twist, turn and shake.

From here the outbursts of collective jerky dance in the time of the plague come from and what, or how can we understand them in the situation we are in today?





L We write L with a common dance, which uses, interweaves, thus twirls diverse forms of collective choreography – from unison as a classicist form of dance, through rave, folklore, to decoding of visual representations of dance macabre and bio-geometry – patterns of organic movement, to invoke composite movement of the collective body.

What and how does the space of (physical) togetherness mean to us in 2021? This work is the subject of dance, but also of invocation, constructed through shaping of the geometry of the affective pressure we find between bodies. This creates an experiential space for emotional and cognitive processing of increased intensity within the experience of community that we have witnessed over the last 620 days.



not just random & rare

Author and performer: Marko Gutić Mižimakov
Technical support: Nika Pećarina
Costume design: Dominik Brandibur

Stumbling to the ontological intersection of drag and machine learning, computer ophthalmology specialist Anne Ampersand thinks aloud about her own and others ’experiences of time and space. The scene is followed by words, lines, surfaces and body surfaces. Interface. Sequences of images synthesized by computer learning from found and personal materials. Instead of the incompleteness and conditionality of the database of algorithms it uses, Ampersand is interested in the visibility and effect of everything that is missing. Like air bubbles between signals and noise, movement stuck in digital matter creates foam that flashes and crackles in various rhythms.

Anna, balla

Author and performer: Anika Cetina

Vitomir Jovičić Simke tragically passed away in 2009 in Rijeka. During an evening out, after being forced to break dance and rap, he was pushed into the river where, in front of a crowd, suffocated by drowning.

The work is driven by one’s own memory, sense of responsibility, and need to respond to a tragic event. During the process, I also accept the personal accumulated remnants of feelings and memories to whom I give a plenipotentiary space for existence. The work is based on the individual and imagined experiences of the victim, perpetrator and witnesses who I maintain in one performing body. It becomes an almost psychotic, affective performance state one of the key elements of choreography. I am developing it into a performance modality that choreographically works as a (defensive) mechanism for dealing with the conditions of choreography, performance and myself.


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14.02.22 - 15.02.22

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (HR)

supported/organized by Kik Melone