PSR CoFestival 2022

PSR CoFestival 2022

CoFestival 2022 can be divided into three thematic strands. The first one deals with choreographic material through collective or subjective time (Moritz Ostruschnjak, Michiel Vandevelde, Mateja Rebolj and Magdalena Reiter, Alma Söderberg with Cullberg), the second one observes the body and life through the prism of virtual and digital landscapes (Yuske Taninaka, Aleksandar Georgiev with his team as CREATIVE CROSSROAD ARTIST (LLB), Barbara Matijević and Giuseppe Chico), while the third transforms the contemporary moment into a poetic image that inevitably flows out into the wild (Vera Ondrasikova and her collective, Mala Kline).

This edition of the CoFestival will be accompanied by a discursive programme with talks, book presentations, a film programme and the launch of a new publication, edited by Nika Arhar with range of text on dance, choreography, social bodies and ties as well as cronology and topics marking the tenth anniversary of the festival.

Organised by: Kino Šiška and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia in cooperation with the Old Power Station and Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

CoFestival together with the upcoming publication marking its 10th anniversary is cofinanced by LLB through Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia

25.11.22 - 01.12.22

Ljubljana (SI)

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia