PSR "Decision Making Body"

PSR "Decision Making Body"

This Performance Situation Room was implemented by NDA Slovenia together with the further LLB project partners Tala Dance Center and brain store project around the topic "Decision Making Body" (DMB).

The DMB networks is meeting once per year when possible with an aim to report on the activities, evaluate them and plan the activities for the future. Such a meeting is of extreme important for all parties involved as the situation in the region is very unstable and uncertain. In order to sustain, other organization can help with advocating and helping in realization of the decided activities, making sure that the networks visibility and its directions stay present. 

Since in the LLB programme only 3 organization are participating as partners and others as associated partners of the participating organization, such an intense meeting is even more important for the network. 

3 days intensive meeting was combined of creative work and dance practices (warm-up), past reports on the activities that were done in the past, reporting on changes of the programme LLB new cycle, new perspectives and directions and planning of the future activities; short and long-term. 

Among other things at the meeting:

-involved and participating members that attend the Choreographic Conventions summit, reporting to the others shortly and they evaluate the conference/meeting on the residency network and draft further step for its achievements. 

-report on the past activities of the network and their particular organizations.

-question the collective projects that connects the network participants and organizations

-present new invited members to DMB and confirm their role in the DMB

-present our vision of DMB and our roles in it

-draft possible new project that would connect the members in the near future

-list possible funding (applications) and disseminate responsibilities within the network

-plan desired and urgent activities in their local context and regional context

In addition, as the city and state funding possibilities are unstable in the region, the DMB members spend one day intensively planning additional / alternatives to find matching for their planned and desired activities.

As the activity was meant for close circle of experts / members of NDA network, no announcements were made, neither reports that could be shared outside the members of DMB.

11.04.19 - 13.04.19

Ljubljana, Slovenia

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia