PSR Dialogue Part 2

PSR Dialogue Part 2

Due to the sudden and unexpected lock down of public events in October, the programme had to be transformed into on-line version, while one of its part (consisted of performative lectures by invited experts moved to the beginning of January due to home-schooling and also illness of one of the lecturers.

The project was foreseen as a potent model of exchange, practice and reflect on various aspects of the importance of physicality in our society. The format and individual dialogues were built on a critical attitude to the structure of events such as conferences, seminars, classical symposia, which take place in a sitting position and with a static body and gaze. Practical workshops, studios or laboratories, on the other hand, are mainly meant to exchange experiences. The formats presented at the Symposium Dialogue explored intermediate spaces where sharp divides are being erased and a completely different discussion environment can be established.

Symposium Dialogue is a project being developed as part of the Physical Manifestations by Snježana Premuš. The project is a conceptual continuation of the Reflection in Action labs format. Reflection on action into a broader platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences. The labs were conceived in 2012 as part of the Physical Manifestations project with the aim of creating a space where people (artists, experts, audience) can meet, practice and reflect on

October 20 – 24, Stara elektrarna and October 25, Studio Moj korak
9 am or 10 am Morning somatic practice and workshop – ONLINE for pre-registered participants

21. – 23. oktober,

9h – 10h: Snježana Premuš

24. oktober, 10h – 11h: Zrinka Simičić Mihanović

25. oktober, 10h – 11h: Jobbágy Bernadett

Live streaming of The operating room

The operating room is a space for meeting and tuning in simultaneous micro spaces, framed by a sound - light installation. In streaming form, we will conduct a workshop in the form of sound tuning arrangements, where participants delve into contemplation through the offered elements of the Operating Room (word, sound, thought, silence, attention) 

October 21 and 22, 13.30 - 14.15

Operations 1: Seeds The “Seme” operating room deals with the transition between horizontal and vertical position in a specific sound / light space. 

October 21 and 22, 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm Opening Room 2: Everyone now is time, space, which deals with horizontal and vertical elements in the body, socio-political and poetic space.


View the more detailed description of "Dialogue" PART 1 >>here


Part 2 /
January Performative Lectures:


Due to the sudden and unexpected transformation of the events and a necessary adaptation connected with the production and its dissemination, we strenghten our capacities in creating condition for a virtual form of workshops and presentations. Later, the materials were recorded and transformed into a new form of video-programme/presentations, that is entirely translated to english (english subtitles or lectures transformed into english that would help in wider dissemination and audience reach). The results (videos) were already presented twice and will be again available on-line (on FB account of Federacija – Feder Acija; Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia as well as posted on the LLB FB profile) in February, 17th (open free of charge access for a period of 5-7 days), which make the content accessible to larger audience and creates a possibility for the adaptation to their own schedule from their home. Although the work was imagined as interactive live event, the new format feels suitable as well in the unfortunate times we are all living it.

It is planned to evaluate the event in March (zoom with all participants) and in the coming months gather research materials and deepen the existing reasearch into longer reflection texts that could possibly be published this or next year.

Gathered responses of participants (*I gathered only those that appeared in the Part 2, which I have a direct access to and are also connected with the reported cost and intense organization by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia), excluding experience of the coordinator and lecturer Jasmina Zaloznik, who is writing the mentioned report. As I do not have the names of on-line participants (the link was posted on the webpage and was used by annonimous participants), their experiences could not be gathered and reported here.

»I participated in the Symposium Dialogues as a co-author and co-moderator of the conversation, which was formed in collaboration with Snježana Premuš. Such a creative thinking format was an interesting experience for me as it offered a space for reflection on my own work beyond the framework of only a performance production. Personally, I think that there are not enough spaces like that and even if they are, they quickly fall back into becoming some satellite formats next to/or about the performance. This time possibility was offered to be thinking about overall processual and creative issues/questions that go beyond the mere experience of creating a performance. Due to its connecting nature (active dialogue with another, in some respects author who deals with similar questions like me), it also offered more room for reflection than if, as an author, you were only involved in thinking about your own work. Such a dialogue revealed similarities, differences, derivations, common insights and thus enriched reflection about and value of my own practice. At the same time, it also enabled a better acquaintance between us, the authors, and formed a possibility of developing a further cooperation.« (Anja Bornšek, dancer and choreographer)

»The preparations and the filming of the Symposium Dialogue made me embark on a mutual journey with dear sensitive co-workers who helped me to further embody my thoughts and to think our embodiment. It was as if inhabiting the piece Every Now is Time Space once again, but this time with the bodily memory and a strong mental reflection of what it all means, while trying to spread it further. The thought and the experience merged perfectly and gave us reassurance we are affirming what feels right in these strange times.« (Pia Brezavšček, dance theorist and critic, Maska's co-editor)

»The dialogue about the project Every Now is Time, Space, that Bor and me prepared from our two different positions, and we spoke from the position of the performer in the project and audience of one of the public situations, was a very difficult thing to do, because it was supposed to be prepared and presented from the fertile ground of rehearsals and performances, that we planned for the months of september and october 2020. Due to the drastic changes that were happening in october in Ljubljana, we were unable to work really in stable way, and throughout the last week of october from day to day everything was changing, so we did not know if we would be able to work with audience, or with each others or to work at all... In the end, we took a break and organized this dialogue, together with the dialogue between Jasmina Založnik and Pia Brezavšček in the beginning of January 2021. This experience made me realize that when the practice exists, it should be and has to be practiced with some stable continuity, otherwise there is a big gap and the fertile ground for any information is missing. The very work on the Dialogue was very pleasant experience, since we organized a lot of conditions for our work, but did not know how it will develop, and this was at the same time very exciting and insecure. We tried to present some aspects of work, that would be equally interesting and informative for both professionals and wider audience, and for those who were part of the project and those outside of the project. I am grateful for this moment of reflection, as this feeds back the practical work in the studio and with the audience. It was also nice to do it with a time gap, even though in the moments of postponing it was frustrating...« (Dragana Alfirević, dancer, choreographer and producer)

»There are many things I could write about here, regarding my experience with the Dialogi symposium. But the one that stands out the most, is how it offered me an opportunity, to carve out of my schedule time specifically meant for reflection, dialogue and an exchange of experience. With the production-oriented nature of pretty much everything from my own day-to-day work, to the society at large, this reminder of the value, the crucial necessity of switching to a different, more contemplative, reflective mindset, could nit be more timely, or more vital. Thank you.« (Bor Pungerčić, architect and publicist)

08.01.21 - 11.01.21

Nova Pošta, Ljubljana (SI)

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia