PSR echoes by Klara Utke Acs

PSR echoes by Klara Utke Acs

echoes is an affective terrain: a glitch between the intangible and tangible. The performance is a choreographic total-installation, a tactile landscape, that circludes the performers as well as the audience. echoes is expanding perspectives on emotional states and confinements of bodies. Through responsive choreographies, colorful draperies and an oozing sound and light universe, the piece portrays affective states suspended in time. echoes is based on subtle, social choreographies and the performance is an invitation to experience through a multitude of senses. echoes is investigating how a single body can hold several emotional states and how a collective body can hold an emotion cooperatively. A polyphony of paradoxical states co-existing and colliding.


About Klara Utke Acs
Klara Utke Acs is working as an artist within contemporary dance and an expanded understanding of choreography. They work with the poetics and politics of the body in the seams between performance, sociality, dramaturgy, discourse, text and installation. Klara holds an education in Dance Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts and is currently based in Copenhagen and Stockholm. They work within performing and visual arts as a dancer, organiser and artist, locally and internationally. They have worked with artists such as Pontus Pettersson, Ellen Söderhult and Pan Daijing and Klara is a part of the collectives fake daughter, Queers Against Fascism and POSSE dance and reading group.


22.09.21 - 24.09.21

MDT Stockholm, SE

supported/organized by MDT