PSR Euphoria of the Disease

PSR Euphoria of the Disease

Dance research by Anna Dankova, Willy Prager and Iva Sveshtarova

The artistic reserach project “Euphoria of the Disease” took place form 11 November till 20 November 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

One of the most critical moments in the history of mankind is the encounter with the contagion. It has produced many contradictions and imbalances that have greatly affected various aspects and needs of the individual. On the other hand, this has led to the emergence of a reality, dominated by insecurity and feelings of frustration. Since the beginning of the pandemic of coronavirus, the world lives in fear of the contagious evil rapidly spreading in the society. This fear-filled reality took its toll on relationships and value system, and many irrational interpretations of it have emerged resident Evil. As a result of these events of the last year, the project "Euphoria of the disease” aims to explore the contagion and the epidemic as a social event.

Within the framework of the artistic research project, the team of Anna Dankova, Willy Prager and Iva Sveshtarova focused on the disease and the epidemic as:

- generator of social contradictions and changes;

- biological disease expressed as social pain;

- impact of the epidemic on the emotional state of people

- panic, uncertainty, fear, anger, etc.

 - the disease as a complex of experiences, emotions and cognitions that are related with the social effectiveness of the performative body.

11.11.22 - 20.11.22

Sofia (BG)

supported/organized by brain store project