PSR Fresh Fabrik

PSR Fresh Fabrik

can we fix this | FRESH FABRIK

The PSR was centered around the topic of advocacy and the precariousness of cultural work under the title “Fresh Fabrik - can we fix this”. Is it possible to change the working conditions of those working in the cultural field, or will this type of underpaid work always be allowed only for a narrow, privileged group? Why do we treat cultural work as a beloved hobby that people happily do for free or for low wages? The PSR entailed two days, the first day included three roundtable talks, the second day included three workshops. Each activity focused on one specific topic addressing a recurring problem in the cultural field.

The first roundtable on day 1 focused on gender inequality in the sector and notably about the invisible work done by female cultural workers. It included speakers from Czech Republic and Hungary, professional, poets, artists. The second roundtable mapped out the advocacy and union practices in Europe. We invited Yvonne Carmichael, representing South Square union in Bradford, Irina Preda representing ZASUK union in Slovenia and Reka Holanszki representing Közmű from Hungary. The third roundtable examined the relationship among money, art and autonomy, it has an unusual participatory form, audience members could participate and jump in in the debate.

Day 2 entailed three workshops, mapping around highly demanded skills in the sector: fundraising skills, advocacy skills and communication skills. These skills are highly demanded but not taught enough in the sector. We invited professionals who are specialized in these fields. There were 15-20 participants in each workshop.

can we fix this | FRESH FABRIK TALKS



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12.11.22 - 13.11.22

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation