PSR "Future Clinic for Critical Care"

PSR "Future Clinic for Critical Care"

A Past Present Future Clinic
Hosted by Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann & Tanja Erhart

The Future Clinic for Critical Care (FCCC) is a world making forum and diverse social space for fantasy and realism that works with the often messy politics of care. A space for building consent, dancing together, studying together, getting intimate together, making work with numerous materials, documenting and mediating what we do and it all ends in this day-long mini symposium and party with performance. FCCC Vienna is co-hosted by Nina Mühlemann, Tanja Erhart and Jeremy Wade and it is geared towards the intersection of disability studies, queer/crip theory, performance, social practice, crip pop culture, radical social movements, socio cultural animation and politics.

Symposia – Summer Barbecue Performance Party Remix

Duration: 12:00 to 18:00

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Gallery © Emilia Milewska

27.07.19 - 04.08.19

Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by danceWEB