PSR How To Become A Goner

PSR How To Become A Goner

British/American artist Malik Nashad Sharpe spent a few weeks in Stockholm diving in to the local performing arts community. His research work within this Performance Situation Room was the framework for a working period here where he deepened themes he is interested in. This PSR enabled him to be here for a period of time and also reaching out to and collaborate with festival My Wild Flag, Stockholm University of the Arts, as well as present his piece “He’s Dead” at MDT. In that sense, the PSR as a framework enabled a wider exchange between Malik and the Stockholm scene. 

About the presentation:

Artist Malik Nashad Sharpe is in the midst of a two month long stay in Stockholm. During their time in Stockholm Malik Nashad Sharpe is in residence and presents their work ‘He’s Dead’ at MDT; they are a guest teacher at the bachelor in Dance Performance programme at SKH and is researching their new solo work “GONER”, which was also presented as a work in progress at the queer dance festival “My Wild Flag” in early September.

On Friday, September 23rd, DarkMarik invites us to take part in and to contribute to the research and universe of GONER and horror at large. There will be a movement workshop, conversations and a movie night. The offering centres around articulating horror within a choreographic framework, looking at the movement practices used in horror films, horror in prose, in television, and the mundane…

Step 1: Move into a mysterious building with flickering lights and broken windows on the top of a hill

Step 2: Wear a High School-style uniform from a school that doesn’t exist

Step 3: Get bitten

Step 4: Walk extremely slowly whilst looking around at ominous surroundings

Step 5: Do not perceive a danger that literally everyone else can see

Step 666: Go into the dark, listen to suspenseful music

Come in your PJS, bring a blanket – we’ll provide the popcorn!


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23.09.22 - 23.09.22

MDT Stockhom (SE)

supported/organized by MDT