PSR "Investigative Choreography as Social Practice"

PSR "Investigative Choreography as Social Practice"

Performance Situation Room #4 deals with choreography and dance as aesthetics of movement and change. It envisions choreographic practice and its modes of organizing relations as critical questioning and active reformulation of forces, norms and structures determining our society. Uferstudios invite artists whose work is already marked by interest in choreographic procedures that activate social openness and engagement and who understand the work with other communities as an agent and motivator of their own artistic practice.

PSR #4 offers the possibility to share their artistic ideas in practical formats and to conceive possible urban interventions on and off stage that open up their work and research to a heterogeneous audience using Uferstudios' local environment and context as a site for artistic interactions. Fed by input lectures and workshops we experiment on art practices that focus on choreography as a mean and effect of social interaction, for whom risk and precarity are central concerns and who take social interaction as their starting point – not in order to colonize the social surroundings with their representations of world, but to bring together the heterogeneity of our surroundings, by challenging, moving and reformulating markers of difference.

23.05.18 - 03.06.18

Uferstudios Berlin (DE)

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