PSR Kondenz 2020

PSR Kondenz 2020

13th edition of the Kondenz festival was held from 23rd to 29th October 2020 in Belgrade with the main motto Dancing Mantras.

Following all restrictive sanitary measures and taking account that the festivals stays a safe place for all participants and audience, Station created the programme that combined the live events and online programmes.

This year’s festival was made in the new circumstances, so called the “new normality”, in the times of Covid 19 which is difficult, almost impossible to define – it is fluid, it mutates as the virus, it is contradictory as information about the pandemics, elusive and has a tendency to paralyze, passivize, confuse, frighten and depress. In spite of that, Kondenz managed to stay consequent to the model of its production and management.

The festival recreated again a temporary environment called Kondenz that gave the space to the works of the Serbian authors to present their performances, ideas and experiments. The programme covers all the works made in the previous year and a half to make them have more visibility on the local level. They indicate variety of art expressions in the field of dance, choreography and performance.

The festival had 6 live performances, 4 of them were held in Magacin, one in the theatre Atelje 212, one in a rented apartment (with the series of 1 on 1 performances), and one outdoors in the arboretum of the Faculty for forestry sciences.

Curators team: Ana Dubljević, Mirjana Dragosavljević i Marijana Cvetković

The festival had 200 persons on live gatherings, which was the limit of numbers of persons present in the in door spaces. The online programmes were followed by 355 persons.

A special part of the programme was realized with the Servantes Institute in Belgrade: online video dance festival FIVER was integrated to the Kondenz programme. It promote video dance as a form still underdeveloped in Serbia, but also the dance and choreography from Spain and Latin America.

23.10.2020 - Nothing can go wrong, Isidora Stanišić & Darja Janošević

24.10. 2020 – ЯTUCORA, Marko Milić &Jelena Vuksanović

24.10.2020 - Unlonely lonesome solo online, Jelena Alempijević

25.10. 2020 - Nature unveiled or stories about plants and workers, Vladimir Bjeličić

25.10.2020 - Antropocene ontosonography: About planetary sound environment, lecture by dr Andrija Filipović

26.10.2020 - Projection of the film about Dušan Murić, Milica Ivić

Talk with Dušan Murić and Milica Ivić

26.10.2020 - Kondenz festival: production in the shape of resistance, lecture by Marijana Cvetković

27.10.2020 -  ( onlian talk/zoom FB)Talk about the book “A Live Gathering: Performance and Politics in Contemporary Europe” with Ana Vujanović, Livia Andrea Piazza & Marijana Cvetković

27.10.2020 - Lounli planet, Maja Pelević, Dimitrije Kokanov, Olga Dimitrijević, Tanja Šljivar, Igor Koruga

28.10.2020 - Tea party, talks and hanging out with the audience

29.10.2020 – Finale, Jana Milenković

Coauthors and performers: Isidora Popović, Đorđe Živanović Grgur, Miloš Janjić, Alisa Oravec, Simonida Žarković, Jovana Stojić

Gallery pics by Marko Pejovic & Luka Knezevic Strika

23.10.20 - 29.10.20

Belgrade (RS) and online

supported/organized by brain store project