PSR Ne Mosquito Pas

PSR Ne Mosquito Pas

After a working period of a week, three invited Amsterdam-based artists (Ariadna Rubio Lleo, Astrit Ismaili and Xenia Perek) will participate in Ne Mosquito Pas to explore and show their interpretations of 'failure'. This “failure” could be a scene cut from a show just before the curtain went up, an idea that never escaped the notebook, or a lasting fascination from the past that for one reason or another, never materialized.

Simon van Schuylenbergh and Rosie Sommers are Belgian theater makers and performers and two of the initiators of Ne Mosquito Pas – a practice and event series which invites artists to create solos out of their personal interpretation of “failure”.

The collection of performances that emerge from a five day working period, are often eclectic, but characterized by a collective effort to undo a preconfigured idea of what ‘works’ on stage and what doesn’t. They are autonomous contributions, but it is in relation to each other that the solos show a glimpse of the potential of failure to resist the constant quest for success as the default mode by which neoliberal lives are lived.

Simon undertook a residency at Veem House and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond in September, where he met with artists from the dance and performance field and got a quick look at the city of Amsterdam. Together, Simon, Rosie and three invited participants (Ariadna Rubio Lleo, Astrit Ismaili, Xenia Perek), will perform their ‘failed’ work in the upcoming edition of Ne Mosquito Pas on the 19th of November.

12.11.21 - 19.11.21

Veem House Amsterdam (NL)

supported/organized by Veem House for Performance