The NEODVISNI online portal of contemporary art territories was founded (launched in January 2019, and is produced by the Maska Institute. The purpose of the portal is to establish an inclusive and reference place for the entire independent contemporary performing arts at a frequency of one contribution per week, which fills the lack of critical reflection of art in the public sphere. Two texts published at the platform found later also the way to MASKA Journal, a magazine for the performing arts with the longest tradition in Europe (published since 1920), published by the Maska institute. Maska acts as a critical platform of the field of performing arts and is a place of encounter, confrontation and discussion about contemporary art and its local and global contexts. It is published three times a year as a double issue.

The basic purpose of the NEODVISNI platform is to create programs and implement projects for the establishment and operation of a supportive environment that is of common, strategic and vital interest to the operation and development of non-governmental cultural organizations and individuals working in the field of contemporary art.  It is about all those needs that today (in addition to financial, spatial and technical needs) have become crucial for the effective functioning of NGOs in the field of contemporary art production and the sustainable development of activities such as education, development of reflection and theory, communication and promotion, development of young writers/critics, development and expansion of the target audience and relations with different publics. 

The goal of the platform is the integration of NGOs in the field of contemporary arts in order to achieve greater stability, efficiency and sustainable orientation of the entire sector, which will be able to detect relevant problems of modern society and respond to them by developing innovative programs of common importance in the field of culture, art, science, civil society movements, youth work, media, education, research, consultancy, advocacy and information.  The platform achieves its goals by integrating the activities of NGOs in the field of support environment, by innovatively linking their contents and by professional strategic management, which will ensure that the projects will come to life in synergy with the sustainable effects and development goals of the production of contemporary art in Slovenia.

In 2022 Maska lost the funding body of the platform, which made its existence questionable. As the platform was initially already envisioned as a common thing of the NGO sector, various organization have joined their financial capacities and invest in the further existence and development of the platform. NDA Slovenia recognized Neodvisni as an important platform which objectives overlaps with LLB objective and took a chance to support it.

As there are workshops and mentorship provided by Neodvisni, experiential notes include younger writers and its editors:

"Neodvisni significantly fill the space of reflection, criticism and theory, cultivate readers, promote critical writing with their educational programs and encourage young talents to write:" (Rok Bozovičar, editor)

" was designed very ambitiously and broadly. It is a shame that the platform is now becoming more focused on the reflection of current production than on problem-oriented discussions, but I believe that we will return to this as well." (Pia Brezavšček, editor)

" is a platform for which I started writing after the end of two criticism workshops organized at Maska. Despite the fact that I barely finished high school, I was given support and the opportunity to analyze the plays through a critical perspective. I am grateful for the experience and the opportunity.” (Ivana Kocutar, contributor)

"The media space in Slovenia has been shouting cultural content for more than a decade. But even when he reports on them, he mainly chooses institutional productions and not those created by independent creators. As a result, the scene loses its visibility and distances itself from the general public. Independents are trying to patch up that gap.” (Maša Radi Buh, editor)

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