PSR Nonument 2.0

PSR Nonument 2.0

The project has begun to develop in 2020-21 during the pandemics. Radio-ballet as a specific art form required research of documents, events and archives in order to step into next phase of dramaturgical constriction and choreographic development.

The project is part of the trilogy already initiated in 2019 treating the subject of Nonuments-a neologism, describing monuments which lost their meaning due to political or economical reasons or simply of changed political context.

The first part of the trilogy was realized as a site specific performance on the mountain peak of Buzludzha in the Stara Planina mountains , Bulgaria, where is built abandoned gigantic structure-the house-memorial of Bulgarian communist party. The subject of the past and its digestion was realized through performative approach events known in the history - Erdem Gunduz -staying man performance, Jiri Kovanda -invisible theatre performance etc.

The second exploration of the subject of nonuments was in the title mentioned project Nonument 2.0 - as well site specific performance on the site of park memorial of the bulgarian-soviet friendship in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. The co-production established the manner of radio ballet once again -to engage the audience into an immersive and participatory choreography.

The Symbol of Concreted Friendship provokes the artists to dig into the archives, meet with eyewitnesses, read numerous materials and articles, and premiere their latest work to a Varna audience on 15 October 2022 in the space in front of the monument.

Alongside the archival data and cultural references gathered as a basis for the dramaturgy, an exhibition was presented and provided context and preparation for the performance-radio outfit itself. The accompanying exhibition "The Great Monument of the Little Past", presented by curator Ralitsa Gerasimova, represented the cultural dimensions of the monument as seen by contemporary artists over the past 30 years. It is a combination of archival historical research conducted by Margarita Dorovska and the Cosmodrome Project, as well as contemporary artistic interpretations of the monument. The exhibit opened October 8 at 6:30 p.m. in a pop-up space on the St. Sofroni Vrachanski 24, in the Talyana district, Varna.

*Honument 2.0 is a radio ballet in the form of an audioplay. Guided by a specially recorded audio-file, which each viewer listens to independently with headphones, participants experience the architecture, witness scenes from the history of the (NON)monument and are invited to join in the performance of ordinary, everyday gestures or large-scale group choreographies.

This project gathered researchers and archivist, artists, composer and local partners to realize it. Beyond support from LLB the project attracted funding both institutionally as well as from a private company- Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, National fund “Culture”, Bulgaria, Goethe Institut-Bulgarien, Fraport twin-star - operator of Varna and Burgas airports. The project was realized in coproduction with State Drama Theater in Shumen, Bulgaria.


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08.10.22 - 15.10.22

Varna (BG)

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