PSR Novi Sad 2021

PSR Novi Sad 2021

The Performance Situation Room in Novi Sad 2021 is implemented through Pokretnica festival of contemporary dance and performance, taking place between 21st and August and 2nd September. This year the program is focused on presenting local production, mostly projects developed in and around the frame of Bunar žena (Wishing/women(’s)/well) – a frame created by Pokretnica collective and designed to explore wishes, creation, production, cooperation and support on the local performing arts scene; as well as showings of works created this year within Per.Art’s “Art and Inclusion” programme, from artists with and without learning disabilities. All showings and other programs are a continuation and a strenghtening of collaborations developed on previous Pokretnica festivals. The programs are presented in different cultural spaces in the city – Gallery of Matica srpska, Svilara Cultural Station, Újvidéki Színház , Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina and others.

The program is comprised of the following showings:
+ „Octopus 5/ from floating to growing roots“, a performance by Jelena Alempijević with live music by the Howlite;
+ performance „Compost“, by Željka Jakovljević and Frosina Dimovska, developed with and performed by Pokretnica collective, together with poet Vitomirka Trebovac and dramaturge Mina Petrić;
+ „Dance in the 21st Century“, a performance by Natalija Vladisavljević, a choreographer and performer with Down syndrome, together with Saša Asentić, Alexandre Achour, Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski and artists from Per.Art and Pokretnica;
+ „Something very special“, a lecture performance by Dalibor Šandor, artist with learning difficulties, developed with dramaturge Marcel Bugiel; as well as the performance for children „Under the half of a drop“, by Jovana Rakić and Marko Milić.

The program also includes two workshops – on dance and writing, led by Nina Gojić and on acrobatics for dancers, led by Nemanja Jovanović. Nina Gojić and Dunja Crnjanski will share their work through a live reading and discussion on an example of their correspondence practice – Letter to Failed Institutions.

21.08.21 - 02.09.21

Novi Sad, Serbia

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia