PSR Performance's emergence

PSR Performance's emergence

Performance’s Emergence” is created through a series of residences that take place within different local communities and in horizontal co-authorship of dancers and choreographers from various generation and backgrounds that generate the foundation of Nomad Dance Academy Croatia.

The temporary collective that consists of choreographers and performers/dancers who in their daily live and practice enact as a vehicle of dance communities in their local contexts around Croatia, came together with an aim to join their creative forces in production of performance, marked and influenced by their artistic differences as the strength of such togetherness. The notion of emergence, even thou multi-faceted and controversial in its essence, is vividly present and in many ways guides artistic processes, which was a reason for spontaneously becoming also the fuel, topic, method and procedure in this performance.

Following John H. Holland, the author of the book Emergence. From Chaos to Order, emergence is “much coming from little; where the whole is much more complex than the behaviour of the parts.” Following this logic, an emergent system, which is in this case performance, is expected to result in something greater than the sum of the parts. Parts as either individual performers or/and particular actions are influenced by others and weaved together into a proactive response in which internal building blocks, the unique alignment of resources and relationships, self-defined imperatives, and simple rules defined by the arts entity itself result in complex patterns of response and action. The result is the performance, which in accordance with emergence phenomenon stands in sharp contrast to adaptive behaviour that simply absorbs or accommodates external demands as well as disturbances, but rather surprises and challenges the performers as well as its audience while offering an experience of collectivity in action.

Choreography and performance: Koraljka Begović,,Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Mia Kevo,Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Nives Soldičić,Melita Spahić Bezjak,Irma Unušić
Dramaturgy: Jasmina Založnik
Music: Marin Živković and Hrvoje Jelinčic
Light design: Saša Fistrić
Costumes:NDA CRO with influence of Irma Unušić
Choreography assistance: Tamara Curić
Set design: Hrvoje Jelincić
Artistic director: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld
The project is hosted and produced by Nomad Dance Academy Croatia

In partnership with “Shooma from Bjelovar, “Prostor plus” and “HKD” from Rijeka,”Tala dance center” from Zagreb and ”Free Dance” from Karlovac.

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Gallery pics by Fanni Tutek Hajnal.

16.11.22 - 16.11.22

TALA PLE(j)S Zagreb (HR)

supported/organized by Kik Melone