PSR Pokretnica 2019

PSR Pokretnica 2019

The Performance Situation Room in Novi Sad in 2019 was implemented through Pokretnica 2019 – contemporary dance and performance festival. The festival was shaped through a series of work sessions – workshops, different kinds of performances, lectures and presentations. These different formats were loosely held together by scores and their use in dance/music improvisation and choreography/composing.

The event was organized by Practicable – platform for contemporary art and culture and it took place and wassupportedby the LLB program (through cooperation with NDA Slovenia), Serbian Ministry of culture and information and The Secretary for culture of Novi Sad.

Pokretnica took place from Aug 19 to 31, in several cultural spaces in Novi Sad.

The festival was dedicated to sustainability – to strategies and methods of sustaining the work carried out on the local performing arts scene in Novi Sad through care, sharing, open source and cooperation. We also call this supportability[1].

Pokretnica collective (Željka Jakovljavić, Mia Inić, Frosina Dimovska, Jelena Alempijević, Ina Madžar, Nataša Vranešević, Jovana Rakić and Dunja Crnjanski) had invited their old and new collaborators: musicians from the local scene of contemporary music, mostly those involved in the work of The Restrictions ensemble; musicologists Adriana Sabo and Milan Milojković; poets Jelena Anđelovska and Vitomirka Trebovac; choreographers and members of Per.Art organization Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski and Natalija Vladisavljević; artists with disability, members of Per.Art organization; physiotherapist Jovana Jakovljević; as well as guests from the region, choreographers Ana Kreitmeyer and Sonja Pregrad.

[1]               Supportability = away to survive and sustain the working process by careful and meaningful choice of collaborator(s) we trust in and who can help us endure the moments of insecurity, confusion and frustration. (A term from the Glossary created in Taking time project, by Dunja Crnjanski and Frosina Dimovska)

Experience Reports:


Nemanja Bošković:
This year I participated in two different workshops during Pokretnica festival. Quality of the workshops and also teachers/dancers, was on a really high level, and there was a lot to learn in terms of taking care of the body and improving your own personal dance skills trough improvisation.This was my first time meeting this group of wonderful people, and from my point of view they've outdone themselves with organization of the festival and overall contribution to the contemporary dance scene in Serbia. Mind you, that the whole festival is for free, so I will highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in sharing and gaining knowledge. Until the next year, big hug for Pokretnica people!


Participation in Pokretnica festival of contemporary dance and performance was meaningful, useful and one of my higlights in 2019. It brough up subject of togetherness, selfcare, inclusiveness, new collaborations between artists, chance to meet and work with new people with similar sensibilities in unusuall and fresh formats. I also loved the venues and enjoyed friendly atmosphere during whole festival. Hopefully more of related activities will be realised in near future as they are needed and recognised by local and regional dance community.

19.08.19 - 21.08.19

Novi Sad

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia