PSR Posse x Performance Situation Room feat. Klara Uke Ács

PSR Posse x Performance Situation Room feat. Klara Uke Ács

In September 2021, MDT presented “Echoes”, the new piece by emerging choreographer Klara Utke Acs. Klara is based between Stockholm and Copenhagen, and they hold a BA in dance performance from Stockholm University of the Arts. During their time as a student there, they formed the collective reading and dancing structure *P0$$€ together with other students. *P0$$€ is a recurring meeting point to exchange inspiration, ideas and practices, and has developed to an important opportunity to conversation in the Stockholm dance field. As a prolonging of the performances of Echoes, MDT invited Klara and their team to arrange a *P0$$€ as a Performance Situation Room.

*P0$$€ dance and reading is gatherings for people wanting to spend time dancing and reading together. It is an open-ended study circle for practitioners within contemporary dance and other curious ones. We meet up weekly in different constellations to practice reading and dancing together and investigate what this could mean. Each session is hosted by one or several practitioners that propose the materials: text to read, a way to read the text and dances. The text can be written be artistic, essayistic, philosophical, articles, lyrics, poetry, manifestos, scores. The methods can vary from reading in a circle one by one, to braiding hair, to intimate readings, to speaking through robotic voices. The dances can vary in style: contemporary, modern, reggaeton, body work, formalism, expressive dance, dance-rituals, scores, meditations, writing, questioning, healing, dreaming, for example.

P0$$€  is engaged with critical practices and with generating discourse through doing. P0$$€ is an institutional parasite, an autonomous entity, based on the idea that nothing is connected to everything, everything is connected to something (Haraway). The host of P0$$€  is changing from time to time, just like its participants. P0$$€  is whoever is there. P0$$€  was initiated by Tamara Alegre, Chloe Chignell, Louise Pousette and Klara Utke Acs, and is now organized in Stockholm by Louise and Klara with Austeja Vilkaityte and Alice MacKenzie. P0$$€ also have sister groups in Copenhagen, Melbourne and Montréal.

There were a good crowd that showed up and showed interest in the event. Firstly the group did a few readings of texts together such as Brian Massumi and Sara Ahmed. This was organized in the foyer. In the second part the participants were invited to the stage to dance in the scenography. It was a successful event and MDT was inspired to continue doing similar events to contextualise works in the future.


About Klara Utke Acs

Klara Utke Acs is working as an artist within contemporary dance and an expanded understanding of choreography. They work with the poetics and politics of the body in the seams between performance, sociality, dramaturgy, discourse, text and installation. Klara holds an education in Dance Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts and is currently based in Copenhagen and Stockholm. They work within performing and visual arts as a dancer, organiser and artist, locally and internationally. They have worked with artists such as Pontus Pettersson, Ellen Söderhult and Pan Daijing and Klara is a part of the collectives fake daughter, Queers Against Fascism and POSSE dance and reading group.

24.09.21 - 24.09.21

MDT Stockholm, SE

supported/organized by MDT