PSR Pumping lab

PSR Pumping lab

In the period between April and May, and October and November, Lokomotiva created a space for exchange and research of intersection of art and environment, and invited Viktorija Ilioska a choreographer from North Macedonia, to open her space for creation and share the investigation process of the topic that she works on, 'pumping', and to instigate and question some ideas on sustainable actions together with local artists, curators, civil society activists, scientists. In a world where we seem to enjoy a fake image of endless resources, where we suck the earth to draw out the last bits, we continue to ‘pump’, says Viktorija Ilioska, and for her the operation of pumping, that is, moving liquids from one location to another, seems to be at the core of most vital processes of both production and reproduction these days. We draw, suck, elicit, and drain the earth's body to enrich our lives on it, emptying our future(s). At the same time, we suck, boost, inject and inflate our bodies, transgressing their capacities. Pumping is paradoxically at the same time capitalist practice of exhaustion and the feminist practice of enrichment, and enhancement for Ilioska, who at the end of this journey or instigation and research will develop “The Pumping piece” that will take place in-between: between a body as an exhibition and a body as a resource and look at the place where these two intersect. 

Pumping lab is cofinanced by LLB project through Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia.

01.10.22 - 30.11.22

Skopje (MK)

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia