PSR "Temporary Creative Platform – Homo Saltans"

PSR "Temporary Creative Platform – Homo Saltans"


Every human is a homo saltans. We invite all people with bodies to join us in this presentation of diverse aspects of contemporary dance practices in a broader social context. After a short introductory somatic tuning, which will help us feel our body and ground ourselves, we will focus on the influence of dance, movement training and contemporary dance practices on creativity, well-being, personal development and other aspects of everyday life. 

We will present direct insights of a wide range of profiles on the benefits of physical training in other aspects of everyday life, statements from interviews with participants in movement training under the guidance of choreographers and dancers and a group of older retired participants involved in a staging project. How useful is dancing as a training of physical expression and cultivating a high-level physical awareness for other career profiles? How useful is it in the third age? How useful is it in the education system? Could we lean on it even more?

To shed light on other aspects of the mysterious progression of contemporary dance, we are also preparing reports from historical sites and a presentation of a set of research fragments on the history and emancipatory potential of dance in education. Dance, with its »detrimental« and »seductive« arrangement of bodily configurations in space, is at an early stage considered to be one of the factors that erode the moral uprightness of society. 


The presentation will be carried out by members of the group Contemporary Dance Practices in a Broader Social Context: Ajda Tomazin, Andrej Pezelj, Beno Novak, Dejan Srhoj, Jasmina Založnik, Nina Meško and Urban Belina

Technical assistance: Matej Marinček, Saško Gerkšič

Production: Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija and Kino Šiška

22.11.20 - 22.11.20

online event

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia