PSR "Temporary Creative Platform – Someone’s Going to Take the Ball Out of the Hands of a Man Who Plays Terribly…"

PSR "Temporary Creative Platform – Someone’s Going to Take the Ball Out of the Hands of a Man Who Plays Terribly…"


A group of creators working with body in public space has focused on public monuments in their work in recent months, which aims to capture social memory and plan in their sculptural gesture, monuments that envision history as a value which needs to be incorporated into the future. We were interested in the utopian moment where the sacrifice of life is thought-only in the circumstances of future loyalty to the sacrificial event. We visited various public commemorations, inhabited them with our paths, photographed and discussed them. The process was designed in the form of five note keeping devices – books circulating among the participants in the process to accumulate associative materials with their additions: Book of Maps, Book of Names, Book of Choreographic Scores, Book of Time and finally the Book itself. We have tried to understand the places where public monuments are placed and the spaces they form with their presence. We were interested in the relationship between a space that, with its mass, is transforming into a possibility of time, in contrast we were also interested in advertising in public space, which contains no other promise than the commodification of human desire in a pure present. We intend to use public monuments as possible scenarios for generating choreographic plans in which choreographic configurations are derived from the spatial design with elements of social compositions. At CoFestival, we will present our current process in the form of a photo video collection.

The presentation will be performed by members of the group Body in Public Space: Liza Šimenc, Ines Šimunić, Petra Veber, Bor Pungerčič and Rok Vevar

Technical assistance: Matej Marinček, Saško Gerkšič 

Production: Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija and Kino Šiška

22.11.20 - 22.11.20

online event

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia