PSR Zašto ne (?) / Why Not (?)

PSR Zašto ne (?) / Why Not (?)

Zašto ne (?)  / WHY NOT (?)
Ivana Kalc & Igor Koruga

Project “Why not (?)” investigates the embodiment and definition of today's (hopeless, isolated, scared, over-identified) body of the individual and the affective space of care between (at least) two people/entities, as a practice that can be further developed with the collective (audience).

In such a framework, we  specifically investigated the technique of unison, i.e. "sameness" as a performing means of dance and as a cultural-artistic practice that carries with it an important historical framework of application: from the multi-purpose aesthetic-poetic application in artistic works of different epochs in the history of dance development (in the 20th century) to a targeted ideological and technological tool for shaping the social body of various social orders (communism, fascism, capitalism, etc.).

The goal of researching unison in the choreographic sense was to study the space for creating glitches through which differences on the affective, cognitive, physical level and time are articulated, in the physical sense, so multiple identity transformations as spaces of different social and physical powers and abilities manifest themselves, and thus become a basis for political, engaged and critical association and co-existence today.


Performance: Ivana Kalc, Igor Koruga
Music: Luka Mejdžor
Light design: Dalibor Fugošić
Design: Andrea Žic Paskuči
Photography: Karlo Čargonja
Production: Kabinet
Co-production: Stanica Servis za savremeni ples, Croatian Cultural Centre in Sušak (HKD), Kik Melone, Life Long Burning

Financial support: Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture and Media, City of Rijeka, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Creative Europe

This project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Thanks to: The Kamov Residency Programme Rijeka

Implementation of the project in two phases: 1st theoretical-research phase (April 2022-July 2022) online and digital and 2nd dramaturgical-choreographic phase (July 2022-October 2022) live and online/digital through three residences in Rijeka (July 16-29, August 16-26, October 8-15) with public presentations:

- Rijeka: 15.10.2022. HKD on Šušak

- Belgrade: October 25, 2022. Atelje 212, Belgrade, Kondenz Festival


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15.10.22 - 15.10.22

HKD on Šušak Rijeka (HR)

supported/organized by Kik Melone