Research residency for Marion Storm at NDA Slovenia

Research residency for Marion Storm at NDA Slovenia

In the frame of the Dance Hub activity NDA Slovenia welcomes Marion Storm, sent by ICI-CCN de Montpellier, to a research residency.

Statement by Marion Storm:

 I propose to have an exchange with the Nomad Dance Advocates, either formally or informally, during my residence in September-October 2020. I ask for this exchange in order to heighten my literacy around the ethico-socio-political framework I am constructing for my embodied research and to create a dialogue between us about how we situate (our) dance performance work. The displacement of my research – on the flooding body / water’s ontology / the geo- bio- physical process of enfolding and becoming – will come at an appropriate moment, just after the presentation of my work to my local master exerce community in Montpellier. I also propose to have a regular exchange with a mentor at the start of several of the days, to ground my daily work with discourse appropriate to my choreographic project, bearing water, bearing witness.

26.09.20 - 02.10.20

Ljubljana, SI

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia