Residency Catarina Miranda at ICI-CCN Montpellier

Residency Catarina Miranda at ICI-CCN Montpellier

During this residency, Catarina Miranda works on the creation of the production "Dream is the Dreamer".

Description of the project/concept:

A spatial evocation exercise for stage where a fictional topography is activated establishing a collective imaginary, through means of word and gesture.
The construction of the sensitive experience of the body has as a starting point the exercise of contemplation. An empty space is intercepted by an hypnagogic protocol where a trigger point, the performer, morphs within as a multiple entity.
Through the manipulation of an object, affects are built and scenic time is defined, establishing a relation between the monstrous and the human dimensions of a body-flesh-skin.
This scenic time-zone is driven by speculations on reality.


Born in 1982 in Portugal, the artist Catarina Miranda is working with languages that intercept movement, voice, scenography and light, approaching the body as a vessel for the transformation and mediation of hypnagogic states, as well as for the gestures and procedures of the visceral conscience of the present.

Residency Catarina Miranda at ICI-CCN Montpellier

23.11.20 - 04.12.20

ICI-CCN Montpellier, France


Residency Catarina Miranda at TMPorto

07.01.20 - 18.01.20

TMPorto, Portugal


Residency Catarina Miranda at WASP Bucharest

15.10.18 - 21.10.18

WASP Working Art Space and Production Bucharest (RO=

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier