Residency GARAGE collective at Workshop Foundation

Residency GARAGE collective at Workshop Foundation

In the frame of the Creative Crossroad activity, GARAGE collective was selected by brain store project to receive a 2 years structural support by the LLB network.

This support includes structural and co-production support by brain store project, a residency at STUK Leuven, a residency at Workshop Foundation and a residency during CoFestival Ljubljana, hosted by NDA Slovenia.
The final premiere of the latest work "Drag On" is in March 2020 in Sofia.


DRAG ON is a choreographic project initiated and developed by Aleksandar Georgiev (MK/BG), Zhana Pencheva (BG) and Darío Barreto Damas (SP)

DRAG ON is conceptually connected to the already realized projects NEON, (Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva and Irena Tzvetanova), Celebrate it!, (Zhana Pencheva and Aleksandar Georgiev) and Purple Blood, (Zhana Pencheva, Nefeli Ikonomou, Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Barreto Damas); three of them dealing, in general terms, with queerness as an approach and ideology defined by practice and the relational protest-celebration body.

DRAG ON is a choreographic work focused on dragging practices that explores the disidentification of bodies and the boundaries around them.

Residency GARAGE collective at Workshop Foundation

11.07.20 - 31.07.20

Budapest (HU)


Residency GARAGE collective at STUK Leuven

06.04.20 - 19.04.20

Leuven (BE)


Residency GARAGE collective during CoFestival Ljubljana

04.11.19 - 29.11.19

Ljubljana (SI)

supported/organized by brain store project