Residency Hermann Heisig and Nuno Lucas in Zagreb

Residency Hermann Heisig and Nuno Lucas in Zagreb

In the frame of the Dance Hub activity Tala Dance Center welcomed Hermann Heisig and Nuno Lucas, sent by Uferstudios Berlin, to a residency during KLIKER Festival in Zagreb.

They participated in the KLIKER Convention and contributed both with a presentation and dance workshop and their positive and creative energy. They presented their methodologies and approaches.

The materials and topics used in their project the PONGO LAND were the focus of the workshop. They are a duo constantly comparing themselves, competing and copying each other and as such, they create a state of continuous modulation. Their intended to introduce participants to physical practices and principles they used in the process. They were eager to create an interesting environment for every participant.

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24.10.19 - 27.10.19

Zagreb, Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center