residency Kidows Kim at Workshop Foundation

residency Kidows Kim at Workshop Foundation

In the frame of the Dance Hub exchange activity, Kidows Kim is selected by ICI-CCN de Montpellier to participate in a residency at Workshop Foundation Budapest.

In “Cutting mushrooms”,Kidows is interested in the frustrated body transformation question. Indeed, Kidows finds an infinite potential in the control of the explosion, which makes a strangely inexact figure appear.

“An installation emerges, like the metamorphosis process of the butterfly. My mutation leaves a wet trace; I abandon my clothes like a chrysalis. Gradually, the space is filled with several shapes and objects that transform our perceptions. A myriad of shapes appear gradually and settle around me. They are frightening and disturbing, they collide in front of us and allow us to excavate deeply our intimate spaces. I intensify my research as a revealer of monsters.”

“Cutting mushrooms” is the continuation of Kidows Kim’s research on the absurdity inside monstrous phenomena.

10.01.22 - 20.01.22

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation