Residency Lina Gomez at WASP Bucharest

Residency Lina Gomez at WASP Bucharest

In the frame of the Dance Hub exchange activitiy Dance Hubs, Uferstudios Berlin selected the dance artist Lina Gomez for a residency at WASP Bucharest, organised by 4Culture.

Lina Gomez lead a workshop during her research residency in WASP, as part of her project. The workshop took place from 9-14.11.2022, and it was addressed to local artists interested to join her during the research.

“I will dedicate the time of my residency at 4culture to revisit two images that are an inspiration for my current choreographic research. The Mountain and the Volcano; forces of significant sizes, established in one place, visually still, but internally in deep and constant movement, waiting for seismic movements, physical and chemical changes to finally demonstrate all this internal movement, exploding, tearing, changing ecosystems, restarting cycles in nature.
Metaphors of our being in society. Invisible millenary non-human beings/entities that connect us, that serve us as a base, as inspiration, that host cultures, rituals and energies that pass their knowledge through the years.

I invite you to spend time with me in the studio. Welcoming you to this imagetic universe and sharing my movement practice, we will explore together these images as metaphors for movement, persistence, force, togetherness and continuity, and discover more metaphors together.

The workshop is open for everyone interested in movement research, in invisible and constant forces that move us, in images as triggers. It’s a place for exchange, where we can reflect on our place in the world, in society, and speculate futures together.”


Lina Gómez

is a Colombian choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Berlin, awarded the Dance Practice/Tanzpraxis Scholarship 2020-2021 by The Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Dis-tanz-solo Funding 2021 of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Her recent choreographic work Träumerei des Verschwindens was supported by the Berlin Senate Einzelprojektförderung 2021 and premiered at Radialsystem in January 2022. A Passo di Mulo was supported by the Berlin Senate Einzelprojektförderung 2018 and Wiederaufnahmeförderung 2019, premiered and presented at Tanzfabrik Berlin. Her work Restraint was developed at ada Studio and premiered at Sophiensaele during the Tanztage Berlin 2018. Presented in various venues across Europe, Restraint is also part of the European dance platform Aerowaves Twenty19.

Furthermore, she is the co-founder of the Cia. Aberta de Dança of São Paulo (2008) and has been developing works collectively there ever since as a choreographer and performer. In addition, Gómez has also worked as a dancer with Yoshiko Chuma, Tino Sehgal, Edson Fernandes and Jorge Garcia, among others.

Residencies Gómez was awarded in recent years include the Resonancias Residency Programm (Goethe Institut and Institut Français) in Chile at the Fundación Mar Adentro, the Villa Kamogawa Residency Programm (Goethe Institut) in Japan, the Residency Body Time Space at Radialsystem in Germany, the Be Mobile-Create Together! - IKSV in Turquey and the bangaloREsidency (Goethe Institut) in India, among others. Gómez has been sharing her dance practice in different dance institutions in India, Turquey, Germany,Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Ireland, among others. As well she has been working as a Mentor for dance students and diverse dance projects in Germany and Brazil.

Gómez received a MA in Choreography at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) and a BA in “Communication of the Arts of the Body” with an emphasis on Dance and Theatre from the Catholic University of São Paulo.

06.10.22 - 16.10.22

WASP Bucharest (RO)

supported/organized by 4Culture