SuSy internship Andrea Hršak at Tala Dance Center

SuSy internship Andrea Hršak at Tala Dance Center

Tala Dance Center engages the young administrator in culture Andrea Hršak for their SuSy activity.

Susy is dedicated to education of professionals in culture within the LLB network of partners. This project supports and employs young employees and administrators in culture so that they can apply skills mastered during the SUSY internship in their work. They also have a chance to experience international practices. Such a format of practical training is proof that it is an excellent development driver for young professionals in culture. PC Tala was granted special approval by the EU Commission to implement the Susy project as a way of educating local administrators. This education is an opportunity to increase the number of highly professional employees in culture.

Experience report by Andrea Hršak

This year's experience at the Tala Dance Center through the SUSY project has brought me new work skills and habits. Apart from continuing to grow as a dance instructor, I have faced more serious and demanding tasks related to the organization of a festival, a project and a dance school that has brought me more serious understanding of the tasks assigned to me and the will to carry them out.

Through the work with children, I realized that besides teaching them dance technique and art, I raise these children to the second level.

Working in Tala Dance Center's office, through the SUSY project, my experience was improved and enriched by the many work skills I needed for quality work and personal satisfaction at the workplace.

02.01.19 - 31.12.19

Zagreb, Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center