SuSy internship Brigitta Kovács at Workshop Foundation

SuSy internship Brigitta Kovács at Workshop Foundation

Brigitta Kovács completed a Bsc in Business Administration and Management at the Corvinus University of Budapest (2013) and then earned her Master Degree in Marketing at the VU University Amsterdam (2015). Since 2016 she has been working as a freelance production and marketing manager in Budapest.

Our cultural scene needs more professionals like Brigitta. With her backround and openness, with her motivation she is a real engine for contemporary art in Hungary. She has already started to work for artists and artistic projects before she became an intern at WSF.

Brigitta was involved in different activities of WSF during her 7 months:

-       she was the contact person for Beatrix Simkó, who is WSF’s Creative Crossroads artist at the moment,

-       Brigitta was responsible for WSF’s famous residency program The Research Into the Unknown – spring 2019 edition,

-       She was very active in the Foundation’s international network activities (she took part in the organisation of EDN – European Dancehouse Network’ Atelier in Budapest, January 2019 and visited the NORSE Conference in Ljubljana in April 2019)

-       Brigitta was the organizer of WSF’s biggest educational program in 2019: different teaching activities with Anya Cloud (US) in Budapest, June 2019.


WSF continues to work with Brigitta, she is now the manager of Beatrix Simkó (LLB Creative Crossroads artist) and also she has a desk in the office of the Foundation.

04.01.19 - 04.07.19

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation