SuSy internship Elena Angelova at brain store project

SuSy internship Elena Angelova at brain store project

Elena Angelova's initial commitment was for the period from March to June 2020, but due to Covid-19 the period for her internship was postponed from August to November 2020.

Report by brain store project:

We worked for the second year with the young theatre and dance critic Elena Angelova. The team of Brain Store Project was extremely pleased with her full commitment and professionalism from the previous year, so naturally continued their collaboration with Elena.

She took the position of a coordinator of the Choreographic Convention V: Movement research. The constant changes that was occurring, due to Covid-19, required flexibility in the coordination and systematic communication with the participants in the event. Despite the difficulties in organizing the event, Elena managed to cope perfectly with the complex situation.

Elena Angelova has been into classical ballet training and contemporary dance practice for many years. In 2011/2012 she began her professional education in the faculty “Dance Theatre” in the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. However, one year later she transferred to another faculty “Theatre studies and Theatre management” and in 2015 she acquired BA degree. In 2020 she defended a dissertation on "Trends in Bulgarian acting after 1989." She also graduated from the Academy of Cultural Management at the Goethe Institute, Bulgarien and regularly participates in various forums, conferences and international meetings for dance practitioners and theorists such as "New Dance into the New Venue", Latvia, meetings and workshops within the festival "Tanz im August" and others. She has also worked as a playwright in the theaters in Pleven and Lovech, and she is involved in various projects on the independent stage in various roles as an organizer, drama consultant and others.

Elena’s articles, reviews and interviews have been published in most of Bulgaria’s culture magazines and medias, such as “Homo Ludens”, web portals “Culture” and “New Dramaturgies”, etc. As a theatre specialist she has gained experience in International Festival for Contemporary Dance and performance „Antistatic” and International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer”.

01.08.20 - 30.11.20

Sofia (BG)

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